ING Running 20 – Race Results and Photos

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Congratulations to those who participated in the ING Running 20, race results and photo links will be updated once it was released by the organizers.

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ING Running 20 Online Race Results

Note from the Organizers:

If you don’t see your name or bib number please email us your information at [email protected]

Dear 5K Runner,

Please find that we have now posted your race results. We apologize for the delay.

We had to investigate and verify concerns that were brought to our attention after the race.

On behalf on ING Manila, Habitat for Humanity and the families who will benefit from the homes you helped build, thank you very much for your support.

Please feel free to post your feedback and comments about this event here.

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  1. i have to agree na nakakalito tlg ung run para sa 10k at 5k. hindi mo mamamalayan na kailangan mo na pala mag u-turn. if not, u’ll have to do a longer race route… tsk tsk tsk… kawawa naman ung mga naligaw…

  2. I think they focus on the 20K runners, pero meron sa 20K runnes IS a one big CHEATER CHEATER…hahaha saw you in the brigde your going up and late and Im going down going to Mckinley pero di mo ko nilampasan, pano kita di makikilala na ka pang Ballerina dress kang pink my time is 2:33:44 and your time is way earlier than me kasi na kunan ka ng picture the asawa ko… Di lang kami niloloko mo pati sarili mo hahaha, masabing naka finished lang ewannn…

  3. as usual, like hsbc run … dami naligaw.. ung mga marshals pinapadaan ung mga car sa intersection.. tss… will never run a race organized by them ever again… fail! mahal pa naman, FYI run a race organized by RUNRIO instead

  4. disaster run! i Agree! I wont join any pep squad org events in the future! Naligaw ako, kasi kahit ang mga tinanong naming marshals di rin alam kung saan ang route ng 5k. tinatanong namin, ang sagot ‘di ko po alam’ ???? at may isa pang itinuro ako sa route ng 10k, kaya kailangan kong tumakbo pabalik sa 5k route. Muntik pang mahagip ng sasakyan kasi hindi nila nacontrol!

  5. kung 20k lang pala ang concentration nila eh di sana di na lang sila nag patakbo ng 10k, 5k and 3k. ano yun, kinuwartahan lang tayo sa reg? Puro 20k na lang sana pinatakbo nila.DISASTER TALAGA! Same thing happened sa HSBC Run. Buti nga ngayon di masyadong mahaba ang pila sa loot bags kasi rin siguro kaunti ang sumali dito. dapat siguro magseminar ang pep squad sa RunRio – the best running organizer!

  6. Hm, as I was running, it was pretty clear where the 5K U-turns were and the 10K-straight-ahead signs were. And the marshals were directing people to the right ways naman. Overall, it was a pretty normal run. With matching irate drivers, of course.

  7. nah it isn’t a normal run, maybe you haven’t ran an event by runrio… takot yung mga marshals sa drivers na naghhonk ng horn kaya minsan pinapadaan nila, as compared to runrio, di talaga nila pinapadaan, alam kasi nila na madaming runners na serious when it comes to pr and pb… isa pa, dami ko nakita na 5k runners na naligaw, napunta sila sa route ng 10k runners, though may mga signs dapat may nag gguide pa rin sa runners, wala silang megaphone to tell the runners where to go, kanina mas alam pa nung guard kung san ung route kesa sa marshals…

  8. the ballerina is tessa prieto, she’s actually running for the heck of it and doesn’t really give a big deal about the time she finishes, she’s more about running for the cause (Habitat for Humanity) not so much on trying to beat other runner’s time … she’s not a cheater though she crossed the finish line, she didn’t claim her medal and finisher’s shirt

  9. i crossed the finish line at exactly 2:18:00 as shown by the monitor … i was actually trying to reach it by 2:17:59 … unfortunately my finish time as texted to me was 2:18:10…. how could that happen when your official finish time can only be either of 2, same time as reflected in the monitor or less (after subtracting the time elapsed after crossing the start line)

  10. so you can just say in any race you join, that im running for the heck of it and choose to cut the distance you are in? its either you run the whole of it or you DNF!

  11. I am from UK and have participated in runs all over the world and this was probably the worst yet,the last runs at BGC and UniLab didnt have stupid turning points with a bit of cotton to collect ! why on earth couldnt they use the same routes ? The baggage deposit was pathetic one person a long line of runners a pile of bags i gave up and ran with my bag!
    and to think ING are involvedwith the New York marathon!!

  12. @flyingbarefoot ganun ba sana di nya na tinapos yung race, kasi pag-tungtong ka sa finished line ibig sabihin naka finish ka your not worthy on stepping on the finish line, Kung di big deal sa kaya yun eh nag 500m dash na lang sya para magtapos ng maaga or magbigay sya ng donation at huwag tumakbo, anyway thanks sa info. no pain no fame only shame…

  13. no, during the last 2km of the run, wala ng signage..pati marshalls kahit saan saan na tinuturo yong mga 5k runners. isa ako sa tinuro don sa route ng 10k, eh 5k ako. kitang kita naman sa bib ko…kung hindi nga ako sinabihan ng isang 10k runners na bumalik kasi naliligaw na ako, malamang ako ang pinakahuli sa mga 5k runners na makarating sa finish line kasi 10k na ang tinatahak ko eh. nong mga half kilometers na na takbo, yong marshall na pinagtanungan namin di na alam kung saan palilikuin ang 5k runners.

  14. last thing.. haha, sa finish line.. sinasalubong na ng marshalls ung mga runners para kunin ung part sa bib for the time, dapat mejo umatras naman sila ng at least 5meters para maka finish ng hindi nagllakad ang mga runners at pumipila para lang makuha ng marshalls ung bib,, tss

    3. WHY 20K IS SO SPECIAL???
    4. 101 PLUS FOR SALE! FOR SALE!!!
    5. 20K MEDAL IS LOUSY!!


  16. What s the F… :)) your run was sucks even if everything was there except the most important the good signage for the runners !!! You missed guys the most important to think of the runners in their effort !! I was thinking next time I will run with my map do not take the road of 20 k instead of 10 k :)) it’s ok I had funny race but disappointed do not get my new record official lol

  17. The ING marshal himself ang nagligaw sa akin and 2 other girls!!! We were on our 9th kilometer when we asked the marshal if pag 10k is right or straight. He told us to turn right!!! Dapat straight!!! Nasira PR namin!! As organizers, it is their responsibility to make sure that ALL THEIR MARSHALS ARE WELL-INFORMED AND HINDI CAUSE NG PAGKALIGAW NG RUNNERS!!

  18. TP daw ang initials nung naka pompom at antenna na tumakbo. May nagsabi lang sa akin; nung nagkakape kasi kami sa Starbucks after the run, dumating sya. Nasa unahan ko sya nung bandang nasa Gate 1 kami uphill going to ISM pero sa 5K ako tumakbo. Baka kaya naligaw sya from 21K napunta sa 5K? Pero kataka-taka, kasi yung gunstart ng 5K was way later.

  19. I like to say that its a typical fun run, (running for almost everyweek) signs and marshall are visible, typical 5k route. 10k route is better than the route of addidas.
    But sadly now that the results are out, i agree with flyingbarefoot, the result is inaccurate. My icoach time is 1hr 5mins but in their publish result i finish 1hr 52mins wow! Common! Anybody agrees?!

  20. sorry pepsquad, next time you organize a race don’t expect much runners… yes maganda nga ang 10k route nila pero para syang puzzle, may mga car n dadaan along your way, may mga marshal na ililigaw ka, daig pa nito ung urbanathlon, iba mga obstacles.. learn from runrio pls

  21. sa part ko, ok naman ang takbo kaso nga lang nakakalungkot kasi dami disappointed. may ishare lang ako… may isang nasa unahan sa akin na sinusundan ko pacer ko sya kasi maintain nya ang speed nya but turned out to be a disaster for him kasi malapit na matapos eh mali pala ang sinundan nya na route kasi 5k sya eh napasabay sya sa mga 10k…napailing nalang sya at di nya alam san sya babalik na route.

  22. another thing.. your run costs too much!!!!! 1k for 21??? unilab run costs below 1k, theres a kit upon registration, then theres a kit again after the run, theres a finishers shirt for all race categories, cmon

  23. People, i agree with you (I was in 5K category, but fortunately, didn’t get lost), palpak na naman PEPSQUAD in this and YES, they should get a seminar with RUNRIO (The best!)

    But the worst (ano pa ba mas grabe sa salitang ito?) run event I joined in was ECORUN (my next day run after ING)!!!! NO marshalls, signages were as BIG as two (2) A4 bond papers (u won’t even noticed it, no time chips or D-tags!!

    Yes, this is for a cause (but what run is not?), but paying P350 is way TOO expensive for this (lousy, lousy, lousy) it’s cheaper to plant a tree than this!

    Next year, if it’s NOT RUNRIO, I will NOT join! Learned my lesson already.

  24. Surprised to see a lot of disappointed runners.

    Fortunately, I didn’t get lost. I can’t really say anything about the route because it was my first 10k. I saw a lot of signs naman on where to go but maybe the fact that there were a lot of other 10k runners around me helped with me not getting lost. May isang point though na pagdaan ko sa dalawang marshalls, may isang older guy na nagtuturo sa kanila kung ano sasabihin (straight for 10k, left for 5k) which shouldn’t be the case kasi dapat alam na nila.

  25. in contrary i really enjoyed the ING run … hydration is not a problem i think almost every kilometer my water station and my sponge station pa … and markers are strategically located so hindi ka maliligaw … the only setback na napansin ko is that yung medic nauna pang umuwi kesa sa mga runners … but overall i enjoyed the run … and lastly, to all runners i think its their obligation to review the map and study it … pra more or less you know kng san ang route …

  26. up to when mag antay ng awarding ang mga winner ng 5k. .. . wala naman silang kasalanan…. bakit sila ang mag suffer.. actually sumunod lang sila sa escort

  27. Regarding post #3: I think the woman in the ballerina outfit being referred to in this earlier post is Tessa Prieto. I don’t particularly care for her antics and outfits, but wouldn’t her faster time be accounted for by the fact that she started late and the race time is by timing chip/electronic timing, not gun start? If this is the case, maybe we should all take time getting our facts straight and not use foul language or publicly accuse people of cheating.

    I am not a fan or a friend of Tessa, but I do respect the fact that she did finish Ironman 70.3 Philippines last year, within the cutoff time. That’s 1.9km swim, 90km cycling, 21.1km run, all within 8 hours.

  28. I run with the worst scenario in mind. Go in prepared and study the map. Google has been helpful. I have done 3 runs in BGC with different routes but no glitches regardless of the marshalls. But traffic control was really bad. And the starts were late. I would not run with these proponents if I do more than 16k.

    But I do agree that if PEPSQUAD wants to be in the market, they have to follow RUNRIO’s strategy.

  29. Mayut Pascual Capili Says:
    December 11th, 2010 at 4:09 pm

    I think they focus on the 20K runners, pero meron sa 20K runnes IS a one big CHEATER CHEATER…hahaha saw you in the brigde your going up and late and Im going down going to Mckinley pero di mo ko nilampasan, pano kita di makikilala na ka pang Ballerina dress kang pink my time is 2:33:44 and your time is way earlier than me kasi na kunan ka ng picture the asawa ko… Di lang kami niloloko mo pati sarili mo hahaha, masabing naka finished lang ewannn…

    i agree with this comment

  30. i run the 10k and didnt get lost at all. i also had friends who ran the 3k and 5k category and they were all in their right directions too. there are also marshalls who had megaphone yelling you to get right or straight ahead. the only feedback i can give is kulang sa lights kasi super dilim dun sa may roughroad. i did runs with runrio too and i think, we dont have to compare runrio and pepsquad. runrio is established and incomparable. lets just admit that we runners has the obligation to review the map. just enjoy the run and forget the people you think who cheats because in the end, they only cheat themselves. overall, i did enjoy this race although its kinda expensive. just have to thinks its for habitat for humanity, then its ok. =) cheers!

  31. i have already joined more than 15 weekend runs and the pile of singlets stacking up in my cabinet helps me to account for it. the recently concluded ING run was not really any different for the other runs i joined.

    i think runners who were not aware of their surroundings got lost since there were enough signs that tell which direction to take. i have five (5) friends, most are fun-runners, who joined the 5km run and none of them got lost.

    criticism is good if it comes from REALLY experienced runners. from experience comes profound insights. for those who are complaining and venting their ire as if they can organize, i hope you have the “experience” to make your complaint and yourself credible.

  32. I was running for the 3km even but most of us felt like we were running less than 4km! Also, the official time I received from the race organisers through SMS was four seconds more than I actually recorded. That’s fine with me ‘cos, I’m running for the cause and to celebrate my recovery from kidney problems. BTW, I’m still waiting for the pics. T_T

  33. just internalize this: you guys run because you want to be healthy all throughout and you want to reap the benefits at the end and a run for a cause is algebraically positive…very stimulating right! i mind this things and don’t care who takes charge of this and all that! A well organize run is a plus. Just run!

  34. HAHA! nakasabay pa namain sa skyway yang babaeng naka ballerina. kasama ko yung mga friends ko, we were walking then sabi niya “hoy bakit kayo naglalakad, mag jogging kayo!”
    haha no wonder she finished VERY EARLY. HAHA!

  35. @MaxT the timing chip is from start to finish only there’s is no time-IN/check in turn-around turns only laces and you can cheat with that the fact that she did not turn at Lawton to McKinley and most of the 20K runners might not seen her. Gawing nya sa Runrio yun tingnan natin kung magawa nya yun sa mga turnaround turns.

  36. OMG Tessa Prieto was there too? and wearing the same outfit she wore in Karunungan! hahahaha! She did the same in Karunungan! Bigla na lang yan sumulpot sa likod ko at walang kapawis pawis! samantala wala naman sya sa umpisa hahahah gumagawa lang naman yan ng eksena e kulang sa pansin hahaha!


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