Condura Run 2011 scheduled on February 6, 2011


As early as now I’m starting to hear some buzz about the Condura Run for 2011. I’m going to flag this event into the calendar so everyone can get ready as early as now. I wonder what the next theme would be for the Condura Run 2011.

Condura Run 2011
February 6, 2011

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  1. magkano naman kaya ngayon? dati sa bawat registration, P50 lang pala ang para sa dolphin, ang pinaka-attraction lang ay skyway. siguro ang pag-gamit ng skyway ang nagpataas ng reg fee. di ako kj, pero medyo pinag-iisipan ko pa kung sasali dito. mapili na ako ngayon sa race lalo na kapag nasa P500 pataas.

  2. @reydor…question, ang beneficiary ba are save the dolphins? If true ba na 50 pesos lang mapupunta sa cause tapos mahal ang reg form i will think about it first…tnx for the info!

  3. @cecille: opo, 50 pesos sa registration na P850.00. sa 21k po yun, di ko na matandaan ang presyo ng reg fee ng ibang distance. basta sa bawat registration, 50pesos lang ang para sa dolphin.meron namang finisher’s shirt at medal, pero walang singlet.

  4. now lang me na realized na lumalangoy pala ang mga dolphins sa kalsada, kala ko sa tubig lang sila, hahaha. Nevertheless, naka register na ko Dec 15, 2010 pa, 21K race category. This is my 3rd time to run 21K – 1st -Run BGC & 2nd Milo Marathon. Mahal ang reg fee pero runners’ expect that everything is in place and for me this is one of a lifetime event. Running along the skyway…

  5. Overall, Too pricey… And though the finisher’s medal is enticing, I have to pass. It seems mas mahal pa yung medal kesa sa mapupunta sa beneficiaries ah.. I’m having a hard time supporting this kind of Run for a Cause…

  6. maybe exciting to run at the skyway…but, it takes away the race from the people in the community who will surely enjoy watching, especially the youth who can be inspired and dream that someday they will also be running in this race.
    I am joining

  7. boo! wala parin stocks ng shirt!! pero pag VIP meron na agad… 2x nako pumupunta wala parin nangyayari, kung malapit sana place ko, ok lang eh…

  8. I didn’t join this race. For me, the joining fee is quite pricey for runners to take, it’s impractical nowadays. I could buy a nice running short or a branded technical shirt or singlet which I can use for a long time in training and in many races. They just marketed this race as one for the care of the dolphins. They cared for the dolphins but didn’t care for the runners. They said it’s a privilege running along the Skyway. Who cares, I have the routes in Busu-Buso, Tanay and Antipolo which are more runner-friendly and the air smells like the newly trimmed grass. They may have the Skyway and their fancy medals, it’s not worth paying all these with my money and sweat. The dolphins have the whole seas to take care of them. I’ll find other races which are more affordable and fair enough to care for the needs of runners. I’ll just buy my P1,150 (or more) with a new running short.

  9. I joined this run as I assessed that the route was challenging..indeed it was. The weather was perfect also…
    Some negative comments..just to help organizers to improve:
    The fee was really too expensive, considering the number of big sponsors plus the volume of runners who registered. I thought that I would get the best service from running organizers, but sad to say, I did not. The theme was to promote preservation of dolphins and ironically, we got plastic loot bags. The certificate with your picture is not even included in the registration fee – how come in Unilab Run last year, they had it mailed without additional fee (and the registration fee was not that high).
    I joined several runs already with fees much lower than what I paid here and I even got good do you guys find the dry-fit shirt provided here??
    Everywhere, you’d find the tarpauline of 100Plus – it would have been much better if they provided/invested on drinks instead..Isn’t it that the hydration stations should have been alternates of water and 100Plus?? Good fees should have wise organizers…
    Lastly, with the starting site different from the finishing site – I really thought that the huge registration fee would have shouldered the shuttle going back to the starting point..and it was not like that….


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