BlueWater Day Spa Fun Run 2010 – Race Results and Photos

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Congratulations to those who joined and participated in this year’s BlueWater Day Spa Fun Run, Race Results are now available for download, Photo Links will be posted soon.

Download Race Results Here:
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For now please feel free to post your comments and feedback regarding the fun run event here.

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  1. i have the worst (price) experience sa blue water day spa fun run.

    imagine me opting to pay another P700 for a 10k run to join this run (i had already registered in may for 21k fort running festival distance) and learning later that the run i paid for dropped to P300.

    the loot bag given on the day of the event was way too low to compensate the price difference. the event in itself did not have anything to be proud of. it wasn’t even for charity. did i pay to see the “celebrities”? not even close. i just made blue water day spa richer by my choice. wrong choice. i just need to get over it. i just need to remind myself that some people do live for money.

  2. @atticus, similar sentiments to some runners that i know. some even said that the loot bag is only a “bag” which is full of flyers and brochures. some said got something but why such inconsistency in its contents. P700 for a 10k, i would be expecting a lot from this run. and rubbing elbows with celebrities is not my primary reason for parting out with my hard earned cash

  3. True! and they should return the Php 400 excess for those who paid Php 700, not worth it! Very unfair! so if there is a possibility to return back the excess money, kindly do so! though I still have the receipt of the registration.

  4. @barefoot: i heard the same from some runners too.
    @dyands: i actually emailed the BWDS secretariat when i learned that they lowered the price to P300. i asked them “i just want to know how you would compensate the early registrants for the
    blue water day spa?”

    this is their reply:


    Regarding your concern, we do apologize. Since the registration is already
    closed but wanted to have more participants, they declared extension and
    at the same time decreased the amount of fees. But to assure you, Early
    Registrants will be prioritize.”

    very disappointed that i was, i did not follow through with my inquiry. i also asked coach rio who was said to be the organizer of the event the same question in his website. so far, i haven’t gotten any answer.

    to think that i disregard my earlier registration to the fort running festival (i registered in june for a 21k event) thinking that i would run a better running event having experienced most of coach rio’s runs.

    i guess i just have to charge this to experience.

    just wanted to air my sentiments. thanks.

  5. hi all! i just read this msg from BlueWater from a blog:

    “Dear Blue Water Day Spa Run Participants,

    First of all, thank you very much for your heartwarming support to the first Blue Water Day Spa Run held yesterday morning at Mall of Asia. Being our first run, we have tried our utmost to ensure that the runners have a good, fun, relaxing experience by providing activities such as the Jazz Up Your Singlet, Celebrity Participation — Sam Milby, Karylle Tratlonghari, Michaela Lagdameo, Boom Labrusca and Kiko Rustia among others. We also had sampling from Figaro and Easy Phamax Wheatgrass.

    Although the event came out a big success, we acknowledge that there are some things we can still improve on for the next run — the loot bags for the 3k run had very little goodies. The main reason for this is that some partners and sponsors were not able to come and set up or deliver the items due to the anticipated storm today and the heavy rains yesterday. We sincerely apologize for this (but at the same time thankful that the storm changed its course). Hopefully you were still able to gather freebies from the other sponsor/exhibitor booths as you went around the activity area post-race.

    We hope that this will not hinder you from joining next years race and we will work even harder to ensure that we have a bigger and better race next year.

    Blue Water Day Spa Run Management and Organizers”

    i didn’t join the run, but adfter reading your post, i’m glad that i didn’t. i did run that day in the pink run though.

  6. i registered in the blue water and spa run as early as september 17 at the ROX in Taguig and paid 700 php for the 10K run. A week before the race day, i found out that the registration fee was lowered to 300php for any category. I did not welcome this news because the organizers did not even inform me about this thru email. I had to post my inquiry thru this blog and had to wait for several days for them to reply. And their reply was that they had a promo which happened in between the registration period. Normally, discounts are given to early registrants and late registrants pay more. Hello guys, you just made us “early registrants” look stupid? I find it insulting for you to even point the fingers back to us with your “promo period” excuse.
    I even had to go to your office just to get a free race pack the afternoon before the race day. I even gave you the name of the participant and you even wrote it down in a piece of paper. And as I have expected, i checked your race results and I was not surprised that the name of the racer is posted as an “unknown finisher”.
    I know for a fact that this race was organized by Runrio. With a good name and history of races that he has organized, i decided to join this event instead of the other events that were done on the same day (pink run, fort festival). I even saw Coach Rio on the race day, however I do not know if he is aware of all these flaws that you have caused. I felt that I was being ripped off by the mere fact that none of you had the courtesy and conscience to inform about the price reduction. Nakalagay pa naman sa registration form ang email address and mobile / contact numbers namin and you did not even bother to use them.
    Pls have the decency to do the right thing.

  7. I sympahtized will all the guys who paid for 700k for the event. Actually my participation was only an afterthought, after runrio emailed me of the news of the lower reg. fee and considered as a prep for ADIDAS. I was not disappointed during the race but in the claiming of the loot bag. When i check it i saw only flyers & pin…..I was really shocked! I annoyingly asked the people in charge, what the @#$%&$*#@@ is this? what am i gonna do with this%^&^*$@%^& pin & papers?? I returned the bag said to their faces i’m not gonna join this event again ever ever!!!! But when i saw the bottled waters, i went back for the bag & took 3 bottles, went in line for the massage and lastly to the tent that gave free muscle tapes ha ha ha!!!! Just compensating for the empty loot bag

  8. Yes guys, I also sympathized with you who are very much into commercialized running. You pay costly fees and you didn’t get what you’d expected to receive. That’s why I supported Baldrunner’s Free Run last Sunday, Oct 17, in the hope of finding an alternative to commercialized running. For me, running should be fun, but with bitter feedbacks from runners like you (and me) after events like the Bluwater DS probably it’s not achieved. Believe me, Baldrunner’s Fun Run with minimal expectation from the start but to just enjoy the run seemed to achieved the hopes we have in a running event, the real fun and fitness. Be choosy in joining running events particularly for those of us who have limited budgets. P700 could go for some worthwhile means for our family.

  9. So dissapointed with this run., my friend ran at the pink run and they got a lot of freebies., ponds/olay/rexona… And so much more… Even a free mammogram at ust hospital …. Here in blue watee day spa we paid for the talents fees of the celebrities., that we didnt even see and have a picture with them… This RACE S*!KS!!! BIG TIME!!!!

  10. same with your concern guys, i paid 700 for the registration, got an empty loot bag after the 10K run. I did’t run because there are celebrities who will join the run… Nkkadisappoint po talaga.

    Another thing din po, I think Coach Rio is not the organizer of the fun run, he’s there as a celebrity runner. D po sya ung nag organize.

  11. ako rin, i paid P700. kung sino pa ang naunang nag-register, yun pa ang na-punished. tapos puro flyers and pins lang ang laman ng loot bags. hhhmmmpp!!! Basta dapat next year, wag na tayo sumali dito, para maramdaman nila ang kapalpakan nila. nakakadismaya lalo na sa aming mga baguhang runners.

  12. Dear Blue water and day spa,
    i doubt the sincerity of your apology, you should just have taken full responsibility for your actions instead of blaming the bad weather and indirectly, the sponsors for not showing up in the day of the event. I wonder how the other runs, such as the pink run, got all the their loot bags filled up. I wonder why you claim that the event was a success when you have made a lot of participants unhappy from the start.


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