One Run. One Family. One La Salle. 2010 (OROFLOS2) – Race Results

[ad#square-middle]OROFOLS2 Race Results 2010

Congratulations for those you joined this year’s One Run. One Family. One La Salle. 2010 that happened on July 18, 2010. Race Results will be available for download soon!

For now feel free to post feedback and discuss about the event here.


  1. Hi everyone, sorry for the bit of delay, we just got the results in and you may now visit for the results of the OROFOLS2 for the 16k, 10k and 5k. 3k will be posted latest Saturday, the 24th of July.

    Thanks for your support, participation and patience. We truly appreciate it.

  2. For Orofols2 – My wife ran in the 3k. She was very surprised to see the “official” results. She can’t believe that she exceeded 30 mins, when she does 22 – 24 mins during practice sessions. I ran in the 5k, finished just a little over 30 mins, but already saw her waiting for me at the finished line with her loot bag! Any chance the bar codes got mixed up?

  3. for orofolz organizer – show a proof that my bib was used by a male participant…i

    never cheated in any of the half marathons that i joined since feb 2010..u can check my time and the photo vendo. please clear my name.


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