Phil. Daily Inquirer – How to avoid pitfalls of long-distance race

Image from: The Bull Runner

Followed by the recent death of Remus Fuentes, who passed away in the recent Milo Marathon, an article was released today on the Philippine Daily Inquirer about “How to avoid pitfalls of long-distance race ” by Romina Austria, which contains very good advices about running. Here is the Link

As the running boom continues, I support Rudy Fuentes, that how races are organized and it’s response to unforeseen circumstances should continuously improve as well, but it does not end there, as the Bull Runner mentioned in her recent article, as our running community grows, runners should be aware that there are risks, and there is absolutely no shortcuts or substitutes to training, and each experienced runner should take the responsibility to inform and educate beginners.

I love the sport, and I hope this wake-up call does not stop us from running, instead i hope it has taught us that it’s “OK” to slow down.



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