Fit and Fun – Wellness body Run 2010 – Race Results


Congratulations for those you joined this year’s Fit and Fun – Wellness body Run 2010 that happened on July 11, 2010. Race Results are now available for download!

Download Race Results Here:
[download id=”188″]
[download id=”189″]

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  1. Awesome race! Ang daming freebies and we only spent Php300 per person. I wonder why other races can't be that cheap and with a lot of free stuff. Considering that other races are even more expensive!

  2. last year pa at simula nang magpatakbo ang Robinsons, ang mga runners ay masasayang umuwi. lahat panalo. If Robinsons can give more than what we expect, why can’t the other race organizers do likewise? True, it was just a fun run, with no specific charitable cause…but Robinsons held their run with a very nice concept: the buddy run; and the runners were all happy since they paid just half of the price of the other prestigious races.Robinsons gave back to the runners what they paid for…unlike in other races that charge very high registration fee but just give mere 5% or even lesser to their supposed beneficiary. To all who ran in this year’s Buddy Run: Congratulations! To the newbies: Congrats, you made the right decision…but don’t expect other runs to be like that…overflowing freebies and a heavy lootbag.

  3. Congratulations to Robinson’s fun run last July 11. Really, a very well organized run with lots of freebies. Looking forward to another Robinson-sponsored run


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