How do you Run Faster?


Are you serious about running your first marathon or are you just a weekend warrior like myself, some tips on how to help you run faster might be well worth the time. Running faster is not simply the matter of running faster, it takes some combination of planning and training.

1. Limit Your Pounding
Many new and eager runners makes the mistake of over training, running almost everyday of the week, thinking this would make them run much faster. Limit your running, and make sure to take some time for your muscle to recover and joints to heal, do alternative workout instead like biking, swimming or weight training.

2. Add some Variety
Our body is very adaptive, doing the same routine all the time reduces the amount of improvement. Plan a running routine having different speeds and duration, the different muscle group that gets activated from a jog to a sprint will get your muscles confused and continue its improvement.

Do Weight Training
Run training alone have its limitations, if you have access to a gym, take some time to do some weight and resistance training, this can help you build muscle to improve your running performance.

Stay Organized
Plan each running session, time it and record it. This will enable you to track your progress whether you are improving or not. Grab a fitness or running watch with a built in GPS and Heart Rate Monitor.



  1. do speedwork. but even before you do that get tons of mileage first else you'll end up injured. don't rush on beating your PR just yet

    by the way, you missed the race trainer kit from timex in your list of fitness gadgets :P


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