Philippine Dodgeball Games 2009


University Dodgeball Games 2009

University Dodgeball Games 2009

The Philippine Dodgeball Association are giving away FREE dodgeballs as the PDBA Dodgeball Campus Tour goes to the next level and is now the Nestle Pops University Dodgeball Games!

They teamed up with Nestle Pops Ice Cream and Rider Footwear, not only to promote the game of dodgeball but to train faculty and donate a set of dodgeballs to your school as well! They are out to establish dodgeball PE classes doing it all for FREE!

Whether you are a student organization looking for an activity/project, a faculty member who would like to introduce dodgeball, a student, an alumni, or anyone at all… feel free to contact them.


No need to fill up any forms, just introduce yourself as (in)formally as you feel like and if the slots are not filled up then consider your school in.


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