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Runner With Parkinson’s Disease Qualifies for Boston Marathon

Photo by Kevin Morris | Runner’s World

Parkinson’s Disease is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system mainly affecting the motor system. 58-year-old Michael Westphal has been battling this symptoms of this disease since 2006, but last June 20, 2015 he managed to finish the Great Run marathon, with a Boston Qualifying time of 3:32:56.

It was Westphal’s first attempt to run a marathon again for more than 20 years, reports said. And as he approach the last few meters before the finish-line, he stumbled and fell twice because his legs weren’t getting the proper signals from his brain to keep moving.

Watch his video below:

“Although I did fall twice, the cheering crowd, the chalk writing on the roads by the island school children that read ‘Go Mike!’, and the knowledge that I was going to uphold my end of the bargain with my fundraising donors was an overwhelming feeling of happiness that’s hard to describe.” – Michael told Runner’s World Newswire

Westphal also helped raise $32,800 for the Michael J. Fox Foundation, exceeding his original goal of $4,000.

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21 comments on “Runner With Parkinson’s Disease Qualifies for Boston Marathon

  1. Wow! There’s no excuse when you really want to run.. Hats off to you sir!U0001f44fU0001f44f

  2. As the race director for The Great Run I am thrilled but not all that surprised that my childhood running friend did so well. Michael Westphal has a strong heart and his beyond brave.

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