New Bike: Specialized S-WORKS Venge ViAS



I personally own a Specialized Venge Comp, bought it back in 2012, Now seeing the latest Specialized S-WORKS Venge ViAS just makes me want to drool over it and wishing for an upgrade.

In a Nutshell:

– S-Works Venge ViAS is designed to be 120 seconds faster than a Tarmac SL4 over 40 kilometers.
– Rider-First Engineered™ frame and fork ensures consistent performance, regardless of frame size.
– Fork lateral rigidity has been increased by 30%, guaranteeing sharper, more precise handling.
– Designed to interface with the world’s fastest tire, the S-Works Turbo, the CLX 64 is the fastest road race wheel/tire system ever developed.



– Proprietary integrated brakes create the perfect blend of aerodynamics and power, creating zero additional drag while achieving best-in-class stopping power and modulation.


– Aerofly ViAS cockpit features a negative 17-degree stem in order to provide the optimal aerodynamic profile.

The NEW Specialized S-WORKS Venge ViAS is scheduled to be released this August 2015

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