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Soleus Cross Country Challenge 2018 in Rizal

With brand new challenges, surprise obstacles and fun run river crossing! Hint: Bring out your best costume! Yes, you've read it right.

Do You Need a GPS Watch?

It’s a given fact that things are evolving day by day. Take watches for example. Before, its sole purpose is just to inform you of the time; however there’s more to that nowadays thanks to technology.

Soleus Cross Country Challenge – July 10, 2016

Soleus Cross Country Challenge is set to happen on July 10, 2016 at MT. Sinai, San Mateo Rizal. Featuring race distances of 12K and 21K!

Soleus – The Art of Understanding Runners

"It is only when you run yourself that you can understand what a runner needs..." do you notice the "S" symbol while your running around in races? Yes, that's the Soleus Philippines Family.