Soleus – The Art of Understanding Runners


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“It is only when you run yourself that you can understand what a runner needs…” do you notice the “S” symbol while your running around in races? Yes, that’s the Soleus Philippines Family.

And It is with this understanding that Soleus Philippines led by Judith Staples, was able to make a tremendous impact on the local running community, placing 3rd place in our recent Sports/Running Watch survey considering Soleus has only been with us for around 2 years.


So when Pinoy Fitness was invited for a Press Conference where Soleus Watch Founder and President David Arnold was about to introduce a new breed of Soleus watches, it got us all excited!


Here’s some key Points.

Soleus found out we love shoes… and we love pairing things with them.


So they introduced more colors with the GPS Fit 1.0 and the GPS Mini for Women



We’re also starting to love the Outdoor and Trail Running, and the Soleus Cross Country Watch is just perfect for these conditions


Lately it seems like 50KM is the new 42KM! Ultra Marathon races are now more frequent than Marathons, so Soleus created a watch that can go the distance with you, featuring the GPS Tour with 16 hours of battery life, enough juice for a 160KM run


And finally for the Techie Runner who wants to track everything from Speed, Distance, Pace, Calories, Interval Timers, Data Upload, and a Heart Rate Monitor, there’s the GPS 3.0!


I believe Soleus will once again capture the hearts of Filipino Runners with these new line of watches! Products created by runners for runners!

All models will soon be available in LTimeStudio boutiques Nationwide

What’s your favorite!?

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  1. Let me share a Soleus review based on actual experience:


    Price (GPS 1.0 = P6,150)
    GPS Reading (+/- 100 meters)
    Product Form (Wearable Design)
    Extended Power (8-Hour Nonstop)


    Average pace “not” included
    After-sales spare parts “expensive” (e.g. Lens replacement cost P1,500)

    Overall: 8/10 (10 being the highest score)

    Disclaimer: The product review provided for information purposes only and does “not” constitute a solicitation to purchase.


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