Nike+ FuelBand SE adding Colors to Fitness



A few days ago we highlighted the Fitbit Force, a Fitness Tracking watch comparable to the Nike+ Fuelband. Days after the Fitbit annoucement, Nike also announced that they are launching a newer generation model of their fitness watch called the Nike+ Fuelband SE.

The Nike+ Fuelband SE comes in Pink, Yellow, Red or Black! More colors more fun right? For existing Nike+ Fuelband users, besides the color, the SE is mostly the same, except that they added the ability to double-tap to show time and a feature they called sessions.

Sessions allows the Fuelband users to track individual workouts unlike the previous version, and now it can also track sleep, Fitbit Force is really in big trouble.

Nike+ FuelBand SE is set to be released this November 2013 in the US for about $149, roughly P6,500 pesos.

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Watch this video from the VERGE for a more comprehensive review of the Nike+ Fuelband SE.

Now the question. Fitbit Force or Nike+ Fuelband SE? :D

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  1. hi guys — currently it’s not sold in Asia-Pacific incl Australia (quite ridiculous right?)But if you have relatives in the US or EU, they can buy and have it shipped to you. Else, you can course thru E-Bay or any of those asian shopping online sites for an overly priced fitness bracelet.
    Minor issue though would be — if it breaks (even if still under warranty), u need to send it back to the overseas store you got it from. This happened to me recently — almost $100 to just ship it coz the button got worn out.
    However, all in all it’s a better product versus the Fit Bit. I’ve enjoyed seeing my progress everytime i exercise. FYI — actual hand held syncing will only work with the iPhone. No Android or Windows mobile app available for this (yet). Hope this helps.


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