Flirtey the future of Race Kit Delivery?



If you normally join fun runs and marathons, then you know the common challenges we go through on securing a race kit, specially on well sought after races.

Sometimes registration sites are not too accessible, the delivery option takes too long and sometimes your kit gets lost, and consolidated kit claiming (mass claiming) is just not an option for some people.

What if there’s another way!? Pay online and get your kits delivered via… an automated flying drone?! DRONE!? Sounds like some sci-fi mambo-jumbo that came out of a Star Trek Movie?

Well, check this out before you quit reading. Australian company is going to start delivering books to their customers using Flirtey.



Flirtey is an autonomous (meaning it navigates by itself) drone using GPS and collision avoidance technology to fly its way to the customer. The customer can also track the location of Flirtey via their mobile phones to know the right time to meet the drone for theirpackage. Cool Eh!?

Check this video out!

Flirtey Zookal flight from The PR Group on Vimeo. will be the pioneer for this technology, and if it works, we might just have a new option for our race kit delivery in the future. Pick-up, Mass Kit Claiming or Send the Drone ;)

What’s your thoughts on a drone delivering your race kits? Share them below!

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    • hahaha! may point ka sir. mukang di pa yata feasible yan saten. unless mag seself destruct yung drone pag hindi pinakawalan ulit.

  1. We dont need drones to deliver our kits, just a little effort and service and consideration on the side of rio – este the race organizer. The drones can serve a better purpose like bringing basic goods to those in need.

  2. We don’t need any high tech bs to get our race kits. Just the old fashioned register-get racekit arrangement or pay online = delivery. I agree with Carlo; with today’s disasters drones could be used to deliver relief goods to flooded areas and isolated places hit by disasters.


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