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Vote for the Pinoy Fitness Q4 Shirt Designs!

Hi Guys! We're finalizing the Candidates for the Pinoy Fitness Limited Edition shirts for Q4 and we need your help to vote for the best.

Pinoy + Fitness = Puso + Pawis! | T-Shirt

Pinoys are known to be fun-loving, hospitable, magaling makisama, makatao... Pinoy = Puso! Fitness on the other hand entails the hard work we all put to maintain our health, Fitness = Pawis!

Grab a Pinoy Fitness Tech Shirt Online via Kinsenas.com

Good news people! I have worked with my friends from Kinsenas.com to process and deliver the Pinoy Fitness Tech Shirts straight to your doorsteps and they can deliver NATIONWIDE!

Pinoy Fitness Tech Shirt Update and Pickup Points!

I would really love to see everyone to have one so i'm now working with race organizers to provide Pinoy Fitness a booth at some of the events for our community to hang-out after the races as well as a distribution point of the PF Tech Shirt.

The Happy People of Pinoy Fitness @ Sports and Fitness Expo...

It was really a great weekend at the Sports and Fitness Expo 2011! And once again I would like to thank all the people that dropped by and supported the event and visited the Pinoy Fitness Booth!

VOTE: Pinoy Fitness Technical Shirt Design

Hi Guys! I'm planning to create a technical shirt for the Pinoy Fitness Community! Need your support to vote and give comments and suggestions on the shirt design.