Pinoy Fitness Tech Shirt Update and Pickup Points!


Hi Guys! First of all thank you for your overwhelming support for the Pinoy Fitness Tech Shirt, in the past few days I have received numerous inquiries on where to get a hold of the shirt and if the price would increase or not.

I would really love to see everyone to have one so i’m now working with race organizers to provide Pinoy Fitness a booth at some of the events for our community to hang-out after the races as well as a distribution point of the PF Tech Shirt.

On another note. I will discontinue reservations of shirt, since it’s taking too much time to track everyone. Moving forward, I will just announce where the booth will be setup and size availability, you can just drop by and grab a shirt on-site! Hope this works!

Upcoming Pinoy Fitness Booth Schedule: (Will Add Sites Soon!)
2nd Avenue Earth Run Manila 2011 – August 28, 2011 – Details Here
Ateneo Diamond Blue Race – August 28, 2011 – Details Here
Fort Striders “FS” RUN 2011 – September 11, 2011 – Details Here
AXN Runs Philippines – September 18, 2011 – Details Here
Octoberun Festival – October 9, 2011 – Details Here

To know how much to bring per event, please fill in the form below if you are interested to Grab a Pinoy Fitness Tech Shirt and in which event! (NOTE: This is NOT a Reservation form)


Price of the PF Tech Shirt will still be at PHP 299, where part of the proceeds still go to JeepneED.

[contact-form 5 “Pinoy Fitness Shirt Reserve Form”]

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  1. @JM: I don’t have a booth at RU2 kasi, so i’ll just meet up some small group of people I communicated at the SMX Expo. It will be hard kasi since car trunk shop mangyayari :p

  2. good day pf.. is my order ready for pickup or meetup? i’m the one who left my cell number and email add.(together with my orders)last sun. @ SMX CC but haven’t receive any confirmation.

    thanks and more power to all the people behind the success of the shirt.

  3. @ Jeff – thanks! We’ll wait for your message during RU2, though we’ll run 21K so please please wait for us :-). Congratulations to the success of the PF shirt!

  4. hi po, wala napo ibang site? want ko rin po ng shirt kaso will not be able to join runs stated above. sa smx po when kayo? :( tapos sa axn, baka kc sa run rizal ako join. tnx

  5. tumakbo kami sa rununited leg 2… maraming gumamit ng pinoy fitness shirt sa run… very nice… congrats sa grupo.. hope to see another design so that i can order another … t y sa shirt

  6. Anticipating the huge crowd at AXN Run, I hope that as early as the date of the run, Pinoy Fitness booth will give their exact location to guide the runners. I assume that after the race will be chaos if not anticipated by the organizers. TY.

  7. Suggestion: As early as now sana makapagbigay na ng location for those who want to avail the PF tech shirt. Mayroon ba nung RU2? sayang at di ako nakabili. ang dami kasing tao,sobra. di ako tatakbo sa Earth run kasi eh. Sana sa AXN makabili nko ng PF Tech Shirt. I am anticipating na mas marami o kasing dami ang tatakbo dito. With due respect sa Run Rizal, frustrated kasi ako due to poor quality of the singlet kaya AXN na lng in lieu. I can’t wait to wear my own… any contacts for me to avail?

  8. I would like wear PF shirt every after run, but i dont have one yet, i hope there will be PF booth at AXN, medyo matagal pa nga lang yun.

    Pls let me know where can i avail in advance. thanks!!

  9. @pinoyfitness

    Suggestion: Why not make our Pinoy Fitness Tech Singlet??? I assure, I will be one of those who will grab it first… hehehe…

  10. I want the pinoy fitness running shirt. where can i avail? Are there any updated shops whom i can buy?

    Thank you and God Bless.

    Your Maaasahan Pinoy Fitness Subscriber

    Emjay Estavillo


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