Ateneo Diamond Blue Race ‘RUN and SPARK’ – August 28, 2011


In celebration of the ATENEO LAW SCHOOL’S 75th Year Anniversary, the Ateneo Law Central BarOps 2011 and Graduate School of Business will be organizing the “ATENEO DIAMOND BLUE RACE: RUN AND SPARK.” The word “SPARK” means “Save the Poor at Risk.”

Ateneo Diamond Blue Race ‘RUN and SPARK’
August 28, 2011 @ 5AM
SM Mall of Asia

Registration Fees:
3K – Php 500 – 1,500 slots
5K – Php 600 – 1,500 slots
10K – Php 700 – 1,000 slots
Note: Early Registration gets their Nickname printed on the Race Bib

Inclusive of:
Ateneo Diamond Blue Race Singlet, Race Bib w/ Raffle Coupon/Freebie Stub, Race Route, RFID Timing Chip, Baggage Wrist Band, Donor’s Certificate (for Blue Plate: 4K Feeding Program, APS Disaster Relief Team and Ateneo SPARK Mission).

Ateneo Diamond Blue Race – Singlet Design:

Support us by joining our Events

Registration periods:
Online registration: May 28 to August 8, 2011 (or while supplies last)
Early registration: May 28 to July 18 (Nickname printed on the Race Bib)
Late registration: July 19 to August 28, 4:30 AM (or while supplies last)

Register Online Via Runners Runner:

Ateneo Diamond Blue Race – Finisher’s and Winner Medal Designs:

ADBR Winner and Finisher's Medal Designs

On-Site Registration:

Level 2 R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street, Taguig

Address: 3/F CREBA Bldg., Don Alejandro St., cor Roces AvenueQuezon City
Registration Time: 1PM to 5 PM Daily except Sunday and Monday.
Registration Manager at CREBA: Ms. Coni Dulalia (09177922824)

1. Participants below 18 years old must have their entry form signed by parents or guardians.
2. Race Bib and RFID Timing Chip must be worn together at all times during the event.
3. All protests related to the result must be made in writing and submitted to the Race Organizer within 30 minutes after the official announcement of winners. A PROTEST FEE of Php 500.00 will be collected for every written protest made.
4. The Race Organizer’s decision is final.
5. The Ateneo Diamond Blue Race is a “Rain or Shine” event. No refund of Race Registration Fees will be allowed by reason of rain or failure to attend the event. Singlets and Kits can still be claimed.
6. Refund will only be allowed in case of impossibility to pursue the event due to fortuitous events.

Participants may claim their Race Kits at the designated pick-up points starting August 7, 2011. is also offering Race Kit Delivery services payable upon registration.

Racekit Pick-up points:

Ateneo Law School & Ateneo MBA
#20 Rockwell Drive, Rockwell, Makati
Contact person and number to follow

Level 2 R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street, Taguig
Contact person and number to follow

Proceeds of the fun run will go to the following beneficiaries:

BLUE PLATE for Better Learning: A 130 days Feeding Program to bolster the school performance of 4,000 elementary pupils in depressed public schools.

APS Gives Relief Team: The Ateneo Professional Schools Relief Team that actively responds to disasters and national emergencies.

ATENEO SPARK: Save the Poor at Risk: This program aims to serve 1,000 depressed beneficiaries for the year 2011-2012 through legal, medical, livelihood and educational support.

Source: Micah via Email


  1. hi ADBR,

    I was an early registrant but sad to say my nickname wasnt printed on the BIB as promised. Also, the medium size was a bit small for me compared to other singlets from other race events. Hope I can swap it with a large size which I think can fit me well. The inclement weather is also a concern since there is a typhoon hitting Luzon areas. Hope there will be an announcement later today if the race will push thru. Thanks

  2. 4. xxx

    5. The Ateneo Diamond Blue Race is a “Rain or Shine” event. No refund of Race Registration Fees will be allowed by reason of rain or failure to attend the event. Singlets and Kits can still be claimed.

    6. xxx

  3. hope i made my contribution for the intended charity.. only that i made 4 laps instead of the required 3 laps coz the marshall who distributes the third loop was not able to hand me the loop on my first approach at lap 3..but its ok just time consuming..

  4. ADBR
    A huge disappointment!!! worst run ever….walang tubig!! walang signage.. pati gunstart`t ganun?buti na lang maganda ang medal.:-)

  5. a well organized run…congrats to the men and women of Ateneo Diamond Blue Race…tnx guys…keep us posted for more runs to come…

    p.s. got my first finisher’s medal…luv it…tnx again…

  6. Contrary ang comment ni Sir edong at Sir Edrick. huhu… sino ang papaniwalaan ko,.tsktsk! anyway, at least nagka-idea ang mga di tumakbo(like me) about the ADBR Run…

  7. Dear Runners,
    First of all I would like to thank our dear runners for joining the Blue Race.
    As we promised this is a charitable event and we will fulfill all our promises to feed poor children for better learning, help during national disasters and save the poor at risk through medical and legal missions. This is the best way that we can repay you.
    Your safety is very important to us. Nobody collapsed during the race and we have no injury reported. We really made sure of this aspect.
    There was also no report of any missing item. We added marshals to make sure that the signages do not get blown away by the strong winds.
    At the start of the race registration, the ADBR group has always been very generous in giving what our sponsors could share.
    We had enough doctors who were with you during the race. They joined as runners and health sweepers. We also had adequate amount of ambulance to make sure that everybody will be safe.
    The organizers would like to apologize for the following:
    First,Hydration preparations. We really had logistical problems as the weather was really bad prior to the race. The additional water stocks that we requested were not delivered due to bad weather.
    Second, Restrooms were supposed to be open but people who were assigned to open were not able to report on time due to bad weather.
    Third, Other hydration partners, suppliers and sponsors had to pull out at the last minute due to bad weather. This explains why some sponsors suppliers like portalets were not present during the event. The ADBR was situated at a wide open area fronting the bay and we were informed to make sure that we avoid objects or set up that can be blown off easily like steel signages, portalets and hanging streamers. In lieu of the portalets some restrooms were to be opened but the people tasked to open them were not able to report due to the weather. We appeal that we understand some of our sponsors as they also have to protect their employees.
    Fourth, We had enough water for the runners. Onsite registrants increased even if the weather was not good. This somehow affected our allocations.
    Sixth, For the certificates, we shall give it to you in Rockwell for pick up. We can schedule a day for pick up and we shall announce it soon. Some certificates got wet due to the heavy rains while we were setting up. We deem it is not wise to give wet certificates. We were able to give only those that were saved.
    Seventh, For the raffle, we have announced repeatedly that everybody should drop them already at the drop box. The prizes were also announced repeatedly. Our apologies if some runners were not able to hear the repeated announcements.
    For those who have concerns about the water system. The run is over and we can only improve for the next run. Giving you a glass of water now will not remedy the situation. We hope that every time we feed poor kids, provide legal, medical and dental care to those who are at risk through the fund you shared by joining the race, sana mapawi na ang uhaw niyo…in our race to help people, the ADBR Group will move on kahit wala na water…no amount of thirst can stop us…
    I hope the runners would also appreciate the good side of our event. There is always room to make things even better. We hope that the other side of our coin would also be appreciated.
    Thank you Very Much,
    ADBR Group

    Read more:

  8. Notice to the onsite and late registrants:

    Due to the strong winds and heavy rain, we did not encode the registration details of the late and onsite registrants during the event. We decided not to use our laptops because the socket lines were wet and unsafe for use.

    We are giving time for our staff to rest and enjoy the long holiday. Rest assured that we will start working on it as soon as possible.

    Hoping for your consideration.


    ADBR Group

  9. Re-Printing of Certificate of Attendance:

    We understand that the certificates were given while it was drizzling. So it may have caused water marks or discoloration on your certificates.

    In this regard, we shall re print the certificates and and correct some errors.

    We will inform you as soon as possible as to when and how the release of the certificates will be implemented. We are also taking the suggestions of other runners.


    ADBR Group

  10. Upcoming ADBR Typhoon Pedring Relief and Rehabilitation Operation:

    Dear ADBR Runners,

    Now its time to do half way of the Race. The ADBR Team will be doing Relief and Rehabilitation Operations in Isabela and Aurora. Our scouts have been screening the area already. Our next wave of responders shall follow. We will focus our efforts more on the rehabilitation as it is one of the most important aspects of giving support.

    Again we would like to thank you for helping us. Your participation in the Race will definitely go a long way. We will reach out for you as we save our less fortunate brothers and sisters from the North.

    For now, we are still assessing the goods that the area would want the ADBR Team to give. For the mean time we are accepting financial donations starting 5:00 PM tomorrow at the Ateneo Rockwell Campus Ministry Office. Please look for Ms. Michelle.

    Donations for goods will be announced as soon as we will get the required packing list from our advance parties.

    You can also help us by feeding pictures, information, contact details, situation reports and NGO’s in the area whome we can work with. Please email the details at [email protected].

    Always remember we work as one team, one running family.


    ADBR Group
    [email protected]

  11. ADBR Typhoon Pedring Relief and Rehabilitation Operation


    One of the ADBR’s intended beneficiaries is the Ateneo National Disaster Relief Team. Your support shall channeled to the charitable projects of this group.

    The ADBR Team is mounting a relief and rehabilitation operation to help the Provinces of Isabela (Ilagan, Maconacon, Divilacan, Palanan) and Aurora (Baler, Dilasag, Casiguran). We are just waiting for directives and information from our field partner groups so we will know what particular areas to work on.

    This will really cost much but your support during our last ADBR will really help us a lot in achieving our objectives. We need to do a lot of hauling by land, airlifting of perishable goods and shipping of relief materials to hard hit areas that are not accessible.

    The ADBR Team would like to share the experience of helping our brothers and sisters from the Northern Luzon. We will be opening slots for volunteers as well when we finally depart for the affected areas. Our focus will be more on the rehabilitation.

    As for the opening of Relief Good Donation Receiving Centers, we are still waiting for the exact needs of our intended beneficiaries. Should you wish to give financial donations, you may visit Ms. Mich at the Ateneo Rockwell, Campus Ministry Office. We will start accepting donations starting Thursday 1:00 PM.

    If you have any contact person, pictures, data or information from the heavily affected areas in North Luzon, please feel free to email us at [email protected] so we can incorporate it in our planning. Your full support is very important to the ADBR Team…

    Again, We work as one Team, One happy running community…


    ADBR Group
    [email protected]


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