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Hyundai Fun Run 2012 – Results Discussion and Photos

Congratulations to everyone that participated at this years' Hyundai Fun Run 2012 at Quirino Grandstand! Time to share your feedback and experiences about this event here! Photo Links will be updated once they are released!

Hyundai RUN for a Cause 2012 : What are you running...

Nowadays, ‘running for a cause’ has become a cliché that is seldom taken seriously by even hardcore cause-oriented runners. This is probably because most of today’s runs-for-a-cause come with registration fees that are sometimes a bit too high.

Hyundai Fun Run 2012 – April 29, 2012

Let's once again run together with Hyundai and make another mark in running history this April 29, 2012 for the upcoming Hyundai Fun Run 2012!