Locked and Loaded: A Quarantine Survival Guide


It has only been a few days since the declaration of the Enhanced Community Quarantine. As fitness enthusiasts, much of us have already thought of several ways on how we can keep ourselves active. In addition to it being a part of our daily lives, it’s actually one of the few things we have to keep intact in order to fight off the virus that is spreading all over us. In line with that, we must not forget that other than our physical health, we also have to look after our mental health which includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

Since we are all asked to stay indoors and are encouraged to continue our activities in the comfort of our homes for a month, I’m sure it could get stressful for some to stay productive since we’re not all used to that kind of set-up especially if you’re the outdoors type of person like me. From this day, we still have two more weeks to survive from. You must be overwhelmed with the restrictions like I am, but there are a few things we could do or add to our routine to keep ourselves sane during this month-long quarantine!

1. Stay Active

I know many of us are used to going out for our runs or going to the gym since not everyone has the luxury of having a lot of space or even equipment at home to workout. Peptalk yourself that you can stay active even with just a small space and a few or no equipment at all. You have to keep moving so you won’t feel like your routine has changed much. If you’re struggling with this, there are many coaches online who go on live that could help you stay active and they offer different kinds of workouts that can even be done by newbies.

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2. Be Artsy Fartsy

Even before the quarantine, I have committed myself to learning a new craft and I have chosen ceramic art for that. It has been a fun experience for me to learn this and I am excited to come out of this quarantine with new coasters, plates, and mugs I might even give away to my friends who I already miss seeing now. Since the resources for that are quite limited and hard to find, you can try drawing, painting, cross stitching, or whatever it is you have always been wanting to try or do again. If I am getting out of this with new utensils, you might be ending it with a newly painted portrait or wall.

3. Cook and Brew

Right now is the best time for you to learn how to cook or brew since we’re only allowed to go out to do essential errands-grocery or buying medicines. I have actually been seeing a lot of people in my timeline attempting to create their frothy Dalgona coffee after becoming a hit in TikTok. We’re either coming out of this as a self-proclaimed barista/chef or super hungry with so many cravings. I wouldn’t be surprised if I see those cafes or chicken wing restos flocked once everyone is finally out.

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4. To try the Dalgona Coffee Craze

What you need: instant coffee, sugar, hot water, and milk of your choice
Step 1: Mix 2 tbsps of instant coffee, 2 tbsps of sugar, and 2 tbsps of hot water in a mixing bowl with the use of a hand mixer until the mixture gets thick with a golden brown color
Step 2: Pour your milk into a glass and pop in a few ice cubes
Step 3: Scoop a froth from your mixture and put it on top of your milk
Step 4: ENJOY your coffee fix while you work from home!

5. Netflix and Chill

After you update yourselves with the latest news, you may relax with some binge watching or guilt-free MoMa (movie marathon) with series or movies you’ve downloaded and left in your drive since who-knows-when. It’s also a good pastime you can try with your family or whoever you are stuck with right now without having to drop that social distancing rule.

6. Read for at least 15 minutes

Our mind is also a muscle that we have to exercise which we can do so by reading. According to Renaissance Learning, “15 minutes seems to be the ‘magic number’ at which students start seeing substantial positive gains in reading achievement”. That means, spending an average of 15 minutes per day to read is enough to exercise our mind and even give yourself a growth in terms of literacy or vocabulary. Didn’t the Big Bad Wolf just happen a month ago and you’ve hoarded some books and magazines to read? It’s time to revisit your shelf and open those pages. You could also browse our other articles for some handy tips that you might just need.

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This trying time is not only testing our immunity, but also our mental toughness. It is important that we follow the guidelines set to us to make sure we flatten the curve and not worsen our current situation. Everyone is expected to do their part so that we can all go back to our usual routine. We only have ourselves and those immediate to us to help us in keeping ourselves healthy and in coping with this pandemic and the stress it brings us. Don’t fret, trust our experts, and keep yourself updated. We will get through this in no time. For now, you do the cooking and the cleaning!


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