TakGwapo Tips for Runners


Looking good while breaking a sweat is so achievable. See below for our recommendations on how you can still look fresh after logging in the KMs.

1. Practice Proper Run Form

Have you ever seen photos where the runners seem like they’re floating? Practicing proper run form doesn’t only make us look good in photos but also reduces running related injuries and improves our speed.

A few tips include keeping your back straight while leaning a bit forward, landing your foot in the middle of your body, elbows are only slightly swinging and close to the body, and eyes are gazing straight forward (not to the ground or to the sky).


2. Wear Comfortable Run Gear and in the Right Size

Picking out the best color blocking outfit for race day is just as hard as actually training for the race. Aside from wearing a color coordinating outfit, we should also wear clothes in the right size.

Think of your race outfit like a body armor that will protect you in battle. Having a perfectly suited armor will give the much-needed support and glide. Giving attention to style and comfort on race day not only make you stand out from the sea of runners, but also save you from the dreaded chaffing.

3. Cap and Headbands are your Defense Against a Bad Hair Day

Messy hair, unruly hair, baby hair everywhere or are you the type to have your hair plastered to your sweaty face after just taking 10 steps (me). Whatever your hair situation may be, caps are your best friends!

Caps can also be your statement or signature piece in races. You can choose from the classic sports cap to trucker caps. If you’re not a fan of caps as some may feel like it obstructs their view, then you can opt for headbands. Whichever your preference is, caps and headbands also help keep beads of sweat from falling down your face.

4. Keep your Face Clean

We run to keep us healthy or to help us lose those extra pounds off. We take care of our body by exercising but what most of us might be neglecting is some TLC for our skin. Running causes pollutants to stick to our skin, whether we see it or not.

Yes we shower after working out, but how many of us really wash our face and not just let the shower run over it with water? Don’t worry, most of us are guilty of this. These pollutants will cause our skin to break out or worse—develop skin problems caused by bacterias or fungi…yikes! Keep a Facial Wash in your gym bag so you can keep your skin looking fresh after your workout.

5. Smile

Last but definitely not the least… SMILE! You can run like a beast but once you see those photographers, re-adjust your running form, check if your outfit is in place, make sure your cap is not covering your eyes, sweat off your face, and SMILE!

Hint: Photographers LOVE taking photos of smiling runners. Just smile at them and they’ll snap one for you.


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