5 Reasons to DNF a Race


Sometimes, quitters do win.

It may seem like an embarrassing thing to do (it could hurt your pride, yes), but there are times when quitting a race – or not showing up at all – is one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make.

Here are 5 times when choosing to race on another day is perfectly okay.

1. When you didn’t log in enough training sessions

You signed up for a full marathon but unfortunately, life got in the way – overtime at work, social events, out of town trips, and other obligations filled up your calendar and as a result, you were not able to train as planned. Rather than wing it and rely on lakas ng loob on race day, be brave enough to sit this one out.


2. When you sign up for back-to-back races

A half mary on Saturday, a 10km road race on Sunday, then another half mary the following weekend? Race if your body is up to it (you are the best judge of that, after all), but if you’re starting to feel the signs of fatigue, skip and give yourself enough time to recover.

3. When you don’t feel well in the middle of the race

One of the things we would not wish even on our worst enemy: the effects food poisoning in the middle of a race (and there are no portalets in sight). If by any chance you experience this, or a sprained ankle, or really painful cramps, listen to your body. If you don’t feel well enough to continue, then don’t.

4. When you just came from an injury

You’ve just healed from an injury that kept you in the sidelines for months. We understand your excitement to race again, but why not take it slowly but surely until you get back to your normal groove?

5. When you’re too sick to begin with.

Running with a mild cold is usually okay, but running when you’re really sick compromises your immune system even more, delaying complete healing.

Don’t have FOMO (fear of missing out) or huwag na manghinayang sa reg fees. Races will always be there; your wellness is far more important. You can always race another day.


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