Look: What Happened to Our Favorite Running Spot Last Weekend?


Roxas Boulevard has become our second home every weekend. From the biggest marathons to charity fun runs, this place has witnessed many milestones for us runners.

But because of the extreme weather condition last weekend, our favorite running spot suffered:

Photo Credit: Akriz John Rosales of The Philippine Star

There are a lot of things that can be said about these pictures alone – from the discipline of us, Filipinos, to current environmental issues that we are faced with.

But for us runners, it is a reminder that we need to start moving to protect mother earth. We always enjoy running outside more than we enjoy the treadmill. We always love to be one with nature even when just jogging around our neighborhood or exploring the trails. So we know how important it is to preserve the environment and to be responsible citizens.

What happened to our favorite running spot this weekend is a wake-up call to all of us. Fortunately, there were about 2,000 employees from the Land Bank of the Philippines who were able to pick up around 750 kilograms of plastic scraps. These plastic scraps will build about 3,000 eco-bricks to assemble 100 eco-chairs for the benefit of the Manila Department of Social Welfare.

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As for us, we can do a lot by just doing simple things like throwing trash properly, bringing our own hydration bottles, and plogging or picking up liter when running.

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Know more ways that we can help protect the environment as runners? Let us know by sharing and commenting on this article!

Source: Phil Star


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