5 Spartan Race Essentials


Obstacle races are starting to gain popularity these days as endurance athletes are wanting to explore different sports and challenge themselves even more.

But if you’ve seen pictures of the Spartan Race, you probably noticed that it is very much different from what a typical run-of-the-mill running event looks like. As the Spartan Race organizers say:

“Not only will you be running, climbing, and crawling across some of the most gorgeous terrain the world has to offer, but you’ll also get to splash through mud, tackle many unique and challenging obstacles, test your overall strength, balance, mental tenacity and endurance, and finish with a fiery leap of victory!”

With all these additional challenges to conquer, an aspiring Spartan might be curious about what gears he or she needs to prepare for the race.

So we listed our top 5 Spartan Race Essentials in this article:

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1. Trusty Trail Shoes

It will get muddy, slippery, and it will most certainly get dirty in every Spartan Race.

This is why a good pair of trail running shoes will be your best friend throughout the entire obstacle course. The specialized traction in trail running shoes will provide you with enough grip even when you’re covered in mud and will also help you conquer steep hills and slippery obstacles. One of the leading trail running shoes today is the Hoka One One Speedgoat 2 which has been commended for its exceptional grip and performance.

2. Hydration Pack

Unlike running events, Spartan races have different race conditions and sometimes have limited hydration stations in the race course. With this, bringing your own hydration pack or hydration belt is certainly a necessity to help you get properly fueled during the race.

I would recommend a hydration backpack over a usual water bottle, this will make sure you’ll have both hands available to help you across certain obstacles.

3. Sunscreen and Anti-Chafe cream

The Spartan Super held in Porac, Pampanga had 25+ Spartan Signature Obstacles over a 13+ km course and the race time was 7:00 am up to 1:00 pm, depending on your category! This simply meant hours spent running, crawling, and climbing under the (intense) heat of the sun while drenched in sweat. You will need all your focus and strength in every part of the race and the least that you want is to get distracted by the heat and being sunburnt during the race.

This is why we advise using sunscreen spray that is both sweatproof and waterproof like the ActiveHealth SKINPRO Sunscreen Spray. I used this during the Spartan Super as my sunscreen prior the race because I know a typical sunscreen can’t withstand both sweat and water. I personally liked how it provided a certain cooling sensation when applied which was a bonus to how it already protected my skin under the heat of the sun while conquering the obstacles for hours.

An anti-chafe cream is another useful thing to have in any Spartan race as Spartans are prone to blisters, chafing, and other minor skin abrasions because of the tough course. I used the ActiveHealth SKINPRO Anti-chafe cream minutes before the race because it was also sweatproof and waterproof. True enough, I finished the race without experiencing any chafing.

ActiveHealth SKINPRO® is available in ActiveHealth, Lazada, Beauty MNL, and other sports specialty stores – Cycles and Brew, Coffee Trail, Cycling Zone, Multisport Hub and Sprint Multisport. Priced at PhP590 for ActiveHealth SKINPRO® Sun Screen, PhP190 for ActiveHealth SKINPRO® After-Sun Soothing Gel and PhP 290 for ActiveHealth SKINPRO® Anti-Chafe Cream. For more information on ActiveHealth sports solutions, visit www.activehealth.yourhealth.ph.

4. Gloves

Every Spartan race consists of very challenging upper body obstacles that will require technique, strength, and a good grip. In fact, one of the most notorious obstacles in the Spartans is the rope climb where you have to basically pull your entire body weight until you climb the top of the rope. A good pair of gloves will come handy in these situations as the ropes and some bars and can be painful to hold on.

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5. Nutrition

Remember that the Spartan Race is meant to push you to your limit and get you out of your comfort zone. So before going into the race make sure that you are properly fueled and have enough energy from your nutrition. It is always advisable to get a good and complete dinner meal the night before the race and eat a snack or a light breakfast two hours before the race.

If your aiming for the Super or Beast, then it is recommended to bring some trail food or some energy gels to refuel yourself along the race route.

To all new and aspiring Spartans… AROO!



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