6 Benefits of Running For Women


6 Benefits of Running For Women

Menstrual cramps, muscle and joint aches, and Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) are some of the few bothersome effects that hinder us, women, to workout or to move in general. However, little do we know that all these unavoidable situations can actually be avoided or better yet overcome when you actively run and live a more active lifestyle. Having said that, here are six benefits of running for women:

1. Eases your Menstrual Cycle

Yes, that monthly visitor could really get us down once a month when we feel weaker, more tired and bloated. But did you know that running actually eases menstrual cramps and yields greater power, strength and muscle mass? According to a study from Umea University, the menstrual cycle is actually the best time for those gains since the training impacts the estrogen which is particularly strongest during the two weeks of the cycle.

2. Adds to your Estrogen

One factor we women have that men don’t is our hormone called estrogen. Estrogen is a runner-friendly hormone that influences the women’s physiology specifically when it comes to our metabolism, circulation of bloodstream and estrogen receptors on our cells that affect our breasts, uterus, brain, liver, heart and other tissues. Running helps in boosting this hormone which benefits our daily lifestyle.

3. Boost your mood and helps alleviate PMS

The Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) time of the month is probably the worst time of the month for us as we become more emotional than ever. Although this cannot be avided, running helps us in combating the irritability as it sends us endorphins that trigger the positive chemicals in our body. When we experience the effects of endorphins, it decreases the levels of depression and irritability we may feel during this time of the month.

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4. Regulates Irregular Period

If you’re experiencing irregular period cycles or when you’re period is overdue, physical activities like running helps in getting your menstrual cycle on track. A tip here is to be active when you are expecting your period to come while pairing this with a healthy diet as it impacts your overall body’s blood flow.

5. Improves your Muscle and Joints

According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, we women have nearly four times the risk of knee osteoarthritis when our joint-cushioning cartilage breaks down. Running generally helps in improving our muscle and joints. Running helps in boosting out oxygen flow, increasing bone mass and flushing out toxins as in strengthens the ligaments around your joints which helps in preventing muscle injuries such as osteoarthritis.

6. Adds years to your Life

Running or even any type of fitness activity aids our health and keeps up fit in general — this lifestyle lessens the chances of sickness and diseases catching up to you. Running also reduces disability and risk of death as it increases cardio fitness, bone mass, lowering inflammation and improves our response to vaccination.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s Run!

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