3 Safe Places to Run During Dead Hours in Metro Manila


3 Safe Places to Run During Dead Hours in Metro Manila

I have a hard time sleeping at night.

My body clock is already used to staying up late that I’m more awake during the evening than I am in the morning! That means I am more productive in those hours, so that’s when I do all my stuff — and that includes running.

I want to run at least 2-3 times a week, but looking for a safe place to run in when I couldn’t do so past 11PM isn’t easy. Safety is of top concern, so I usually postpone my late-night run cravings until the next morning, which, in all honesty, doesn’t happen since I always oversleep. Anytime Fitness is a bit pricey since I just want to run; so that’s out of the options. With my dilemma, I asked the PF community which areas are safe to run in during dead hours.

First of all, I’ll just clarify my definition of dead hours and safe areas. Dead hours are times when most people are asleep and there are little to no people on the street. It can range from 11PM to 4AM. Next, by safe areas, I mean those spots with street lights bright enough to feel secure, police stations nearby, establishments (e.g. 711/ restaurants/ fast food chains, etc.) still open, and common areas that runners know and actually go to. The last bit ensures that there are also runners likely to run during those times, as well, so you wouldn’t feel alone.

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Now that’s clear, here are what they suggested:

1. Bonifacio Global City (BGC)

BGC is the top choice for everyone. Not only are there lamp posts in most areas, there are also numerous establishments still open during those hours. So, after running, you can still buy from 7-11, Recovery Food, and etc. Not to mention that there are also nearby police stations (in case something happens) at 7th Avenue corner 26th Street, for example.

If you live near the area, then you’re one lucky runner!

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2. Marikina Sports Complex

Marikina Sports Complex has been renovated quite a few times. After upgrading its facilities, the property has been declared open 24/7. Good news for runners in Rizal, Antipolo, and Marikina since the place is bright enough to train in and has enough security given the guards patrolling and its accessibility. The complex has entrance fee, so not everyone can just go in as they please.

A number of runners go here and someone blogged about it, too! Great choice, if not for the distance in my opinion.

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3. Ortigas Center

Similar to Bonifacio Global City, Ortigas Center is a great avenue for night crawlers (runners?), too! The center is filled with 24/7 establishments and hotels (e.g. Edsa Shang, Linden Suites, etc.). To make you feel more secure, they have a police station near Marco Polo and there are lights everywhere.

This place is a bright place since many call center agents work during dead hours, too. Indeed, the city has its perks, I say!

So if you’re a nocturnal person like me, this list might just work for you! Just remember to still be extra cautious since we may never know what will happen. Bring a friend along for extra safety or message your family/close peers your whereabouts so they know where you’re training. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Like the suggestions? Share this post and tell us what you think! Happy running, you night owl!


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