Why It’s the Best Time to Quit Smoking


Why It’s the Best Time to Quit Smoking

In the charming streets of Manila, it’s not hard to spot someone who smokes. Holding a cigarette while scrolling through their phones, or going through their daily routines while sipping a cup of coffee, smoking is arguably one of the worst habits a person can develop. It’s no question that this hobby or routine comes out more as an expense than the short term benefits it gives. However, now that the just recently signed Executive Order in regards to the Nationwide smoking ban has been implemented, we hopefully will once again have a clearer and more friendly environment around us.

This July 23, the Nationwide smoking ban is set to be implemented. The EO that the president has long planned to implement, will be applicable in all public establishments both indoor and outdoor places in the country. When it comes to fitness and health, this is beneficial and encouraging to those who plan on quitting.

There is no question that smoking is known to be detrimental to one’s health. Take our own president as an example, who needs to constantly use an oxygen machine due to his poor breathing coming from years of smoking in the past. We cannot exactly assume that the EQ would lessen smokers around the country, hopefully it does, but it will surely save thousands of second hand chain smokers who walk the streets of Manila.

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If ever the EO lessens smokers around the country, then it can be dubbed as a lifesaver. Smoking, whether done every day or occasionally gives more than lung cancer or health problems in general. It will lead to cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular degeneration issues. Other types of cancer can also arise from smoking such as bladder, cervix, colon, kidney, pancreas and many more. Aside from those mentioned above, smoking also causes the following:

– Weakens one’s sense of taste, sense of smell and change in exercise capacity
– Critical addiction
– Chest pain
– Shortness of breath
– Coughing of blood
– Frequent colds and respiratory infections
– Weakness on one side of the face and body or difficulty in speaking
– Leg pain and walking difficulty
– Constant abdominal pain

All those mentioned above are only few of the many harmful effects of smoking. Like what was mentioned above, this EO will be beneficial to second hand chain smokers and hopefully to those who have been victimized by the addiction of smoking. It’s never too late to quit, save yourself now before you regret it in the end. Here’s one tip, whenever you feel the need to burn a stick, choose to eat Hello Panda or carrots as an alternative.

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