5 Tips to Quit Smoking and Boost your Workout

5 tips to quit smoking

If you are currently a smoker and is also doing physical workouts like running, swimming or biking, at one point you’ll actually feel that smoking is really holding your performance down, aiming for that full-marathon? Then start by quitting the habit. Here’s some tips you can use.

1. Commit to Quit
Everything starts with a strong mindset. You might have tried to quit before and failed, but never stop trying, the moment you stop to think to quit, is the time you really have failed.

2. Quit – Cold Turkey Style
Smokers will find that the only way they can truly quit is to stop abruptly and never have a single puff again.

3. Drink Lots of Water – “With a Straw”
Water is essential to keep you hydrated while you exercise, the straw is to give you that extra benefit of having an oral stimulator (which many smokers are addicted to aside from the nicotine).

4. Find a Friend or a Support Group
Got a workout buddy that wants to quit smoking as well? Then help each other with encouragement and support.

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5. Reward Yourself
No, not with a stick of cigarrette, go to a SPA or treat yourself with a large steak for each milestone you have set. This would give you something to look forward to and act as a motivator for you to reach your goal.

Got any additional tips you want to share?


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