5 Benefits of Zumba Dance for Fitness


5 Benefits of Zumba for Fitness

Zumba is probably the most popular dance workout to date. You’d find group sessions morning and afternoon at the CCP complex, Quezon Memorial Circle, or anywhere else in the NCR (or even the whole Country). Companies even hire Zumba Dance teachers to teach their employees at the end of a work day.

What makes this particular group exercise class click aside from the very colorful apparel? The teachers? The dance moves? For the curious, Here are 5 benefits that we think are what makes Zumba the best cardio dance class, bar none.

1. Weight Loss

The number of calories you burn in one session can make you stop asking why you should join a Zumba Dance class. An hour’s session of dancing can burn up to 500 calories depending on your weight. An intense Zumba session, for one, burns around 500 – 550 calories per hour. Source: www.myfitnesspal.com

2. Toned Physique

You move so much during a session. So much that you sweat buckets, and that’s what makes you can burn so much calories. Your bodyfat percentage drops so your cuts show up. Zumba Strong adds some resistance training in one session. This will eventually lead to a more toned body and, of course, if you pair your dance workouts with a good weight training program, you’ll get that chiseled physique for sure.


3. Meet new Friends

There are, what you call, Zumba addicts. They are one reason why joining a Zumba class is fun. Some even go as far as taking out-of-town trips or having lunch or dinner together with the whole group. You gain a whole family, or another circle of friends.

4. Always be in a good mood

We all know that exercise releases the happy hormones called Endorphins. While you exercise, your brain and nervous system release these mood-boosting hormones that can either free you from stress, or fill you with so much happy energy that even a stressful day at work might not be enough to spoil your cheery disposition.

5. Better Coordination

Zumba is the way to go if you lack coordination. The steps are usually easy to follow and are taught repeatedly that you wouldn’t have a hard time keeping up. If you have to left feet, fret no more. Zumba Dance will be your guiding force.

Zumba does wonders to your body especially if you do it regularly. This energetic, fun, and calorie-burning workout, is your best bet if you’re not the type who would lift weights over and over again.

In case you haven’t signed up yet for Zumba Dance classes, click on this link to check out (and, maybe, follow) the dance videos of Peruvian International fitness presenter and dance master William Flores: https://www.youtube.com/user/williamfloresTV

If you’re new to Zumba and want to try it, or have been a Zumba follower for quite some time now, here’s your chance to meet William Flores personally, he will be in Manila on February 4 for Soleus Running Dance Fest 2017 at the SM Mall of Asia, and will be performing a 90 minute intense Zumba after the run. Please check out this link for more details: Soleus Running Dance Fest 2017

Now, if you want a more intimate class and kick your Zumba dancing a notch, you can join William Flores for an intimate Latin Fitness MASTERCLASS session to experience a taste of SABOR LATINO 100%. February 03, Friday, 5:30pm at the Events Pavillion, Shaw 500 Zentrum along Shaw Boulevard (beside S&R). Details Here: Latin Fitness MasterClass

Let’s Zumba!


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