Your Noche Buena Food Calorie Guide


Your Noche Buena Food Calorie Guide

“A moment on your lips, forever on your hips”

This will probably be the most ignored saying this merry month of December, what with the month-long festivities and family gatherings. Instead of feeling all guilty come January, be conscious of what you indulge in on Noche Buena. You don’t have to skip the feast altogether. Just be conscious of how much food you put on your plate and which foods you will need to avoid, if you are on a strict diet program.

We have made a list of the common Christmas food preparations and how much calories they contain.

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Christmas is THE time for merriment, celebrations – even for temporarily putting all your health and fitness plans on hold. You don’t have to miss out on all the fun though. All you need is to think of how your clothes will fit or how hard it’ll be to get rid of the calories in January,

Merry Christmas from your Pinoy Fitness family!


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