MEET Niah at the UNICEF Heroes for Children Run 2016



MEET Niah at the Unicef Heroes for Children Run 2016

Sometimes it’s not about running for the Medal or the Finisher Shirt or about setting a new PR; Sometimes it’s about why we run and who we run for. Helping others truly is one of the most rewarding benefits of running.

If you missed the 500m dash at the recently concluded UNICEF Heroes for Children Run last September 4, 2016, then we invite you to watch a short clip below.

Meet Niah, he’s one of the kids you helped by joining the race. For those who’s not familiar with UNICEF.

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UNICEF is an agency of the United Nations devoted to serving the world’s children. UNICEF began providing assistance to the Philippines in November 1948. Since then, UNICEF and the Philippine government have been partners in protecting Filipino children.

This year more than 7,000 runners came out to support the race, double the number from last year’s attendance. UNICEF Philippines and UNICEF ambassador Anne Curtis would like to thank everyone who joined and supported this run for a cause.

Video Shots c/o Lemuel So


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