Eat Smart: How to Avoid Pigging Out After a Run


Eat Smart: How to Avoid Pigging Out After a Run

Everyone feels really hungry after a run – in fact, we’re sure you’re already thinking of what to eat even before you start your workout or race! And sometimes, you can’t help but eat A LOT. After all you deserve it, and you’re going to burn it off next time, right?

Not so fast. You still have to eat healthy and eat right after a run, no matter how long and hard it was or how tired you are. Here are tips on how you can prevent that post-run lamon session:

1. Have a light pre-run breakfast.

Blood sugar levels are at their lowest in the morning since you’ve fasted all night. Eating a peanut butter sandwich and/or a banana will prevent your blood sugar from dropping too low, which can lead to you overeating later.

2. Take your gels at more regular intervals.

Take small amounts of your nutrition gels at more frequent intervals (for example, half a packet every 20 minutes instead of one packet before a run) so your energy levels remain consistent all throughout.

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3. Hydrate.

Sometimes your body thinks it’s hungry when it’s actually just thirsty. Instead of binging on a “silog” meal and extra rice immediately after a run, try drinking water or a sports drink first.

4. Have a protein drink 20 minutes after your run.

Protein is really important after a run because it builds and repairs muscles. Help your body absorb it as fast as possible by drinking a protein shake or low-fat milk post-run.

5. Make sure your post-run eats count.

Load up on healthy food options like whole grain breads or cereals, fruits, vegetables, eggs, and lean meats after a run. Have your meal within 2 hours after finishing your run to avoid eating more than you actually need to.

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