Mary Joy Tabal Offically Goes to Rio Olympics


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The wait is finally over! After several meetings with Mary Joy Tabal and her major supporter, Cebu-based Motor Ace Philippines, represented by Messrs Jonel and Chippy Borromeo, PATAFA has finally decided to grant the request of reinstatement of Mary Joy as a member of the Philippine National Athletics Team!

Below is the official statement and official letter of PATAFA to Mary Joy.

Official Statement on reinstatement of Mary Joy Tabal

We have long wanted to protect Mary Joy and we have questioned her racing schedule and its effects on her ability to sustain steady improvements over time. However, we also recognize she did qualify on her own. So we put our differences aside, we reinstated her, and we have allowed her to follow her own training program, despite our concerns. And we hope for the best in Rio for the nation.

Notwithstanding our reservations about Mary Joy’s athletic activities and decisions, we strongly feel that it is to her best interest to follow the regimen and program she and her personal coaches have since adopted when they started aiming for the Olympic qualifying standard all the way to the competition day at the Olympics.

Representation for technical and ministerial concerns, through the designated national coach who will accompany her, prior to and during competition will be the only instance where PATAFA commits to involve itself in her Rio Olympics participation. She and her sponsor will have the liberty to bring her personal coaches to Rio at their own expense.

patafa letter to Tabal June  14, 2016

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  1. Laban PILIPINAS!! U0001f44aU0001f3fcU0001f44aU0001f3fcU0001f44cU0001f3fcU0001f601U0001f1f5U0001f1edU0001f1f5U0001f1ed

  2. yeeey!! buti nalangU0001f607U0001f607 at resolve ng maayos,, the very best of luck Ms.Mary Joy whatever happens ‘kaw champ namin. Mabuhay ang Pilipino!!

  3. Good Luck…Mary Joy!
    you’ve already bring honor to ur country and we’re all praying for your safety and success.
    Mabuhay ang mga mana-nakbong Pilipino


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