9 Common Mistakes Running Newbies Make


Common Mistakes Newbie

So you’ve decided to get into running as part of your fitness goals this year. Good job!

Take care, though: it’s so easy to make mistakes that can turn you off from the sport. Even worse, these can even cause injuries! We’ve listed 9 common mistakes newbie runners make; keep them in mind so you can avoid them.

1. Running too far, too soon

One of the most serious mistakes running newbies make is running long distances immediately. We’ve heard of beginners who get into running and aim to finish a marathon within a year of training. While this is possible, it’s better to build your endurance first by running short distances then gradually working your way up. This will also help you avoid common running injuries. Don’t rush!

2. Not taking rest days

Running newbies think they’ll be stronger and be able to run faster by running every day. Running is a high-impact sport that can be hard on bones and muscles, so the body needs to rest and recover. Run every other day.

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3. Not pacing themselves

Many beginners feel gigil during their first races and run faster than the pace they trained in. The result: they feel laspag by the time they reach the finish line, or they DNF. Listen to your body to be able to gauge what pace feels right for you. Many runners follow this rule of thumb: if you can chat with your buddy comfortably, then you’re running with the right pace.

4. Wearing super brand new gear on race day

Running newbies make the mistake of using shoes or clothes straight from the store on race day. While they will look nice, they haven’t been broken in and might cause blisters or chaffing. Break them in during training runs first.

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5. Not wearing the right gear

Running newbies think they can run using their basketball shoes or sneakers. Pwede na daw ‘yan.  Wrong. Invest in a good pair of running shoes; these will give your feet the right support and help you run better injury-free. Do your research or ask for help at a specialty running store.

Ladies, it’s important to choose the right sports bra.

6. Not doing warm ups and cool downs

Runners who don’t do warm up, cool down, and stretching exercises are often injured. Start runs with a warm up routine that includes dynamic stretching and a light jog or brisk walk. Then end your run with a gradual cool down routine to keep muscles flexible and prevent stiffness.

Here are 6 Dynamic Warm-ups to Start Every Workout.

7. Running even if they feel pain

Running newbies sometimes run even if they feel something painful because they want to finish a race or prove something to themselves. Do stop and have the painful area checked before the condition gets worse. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about!

8. Not enough hydration

Some runners are so focused in their training or race that they forget to drink enough water or sports drinks. Not enough fluids in your body can cause headaches and dizziness.

Here are more reasons why you should hydrate properly.

9. Performance pressure

Sometimes, running newbies can’t help but compare their race times with other runners. Don’t be so hard on yourself; grow as a runner in your own pace. Remember that even Usain Bolt and those other runners you admire were once beginners, too. Let that thought inspire you.

Which of these running mistakes have you experienced and how did you correct them?



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