6 Dynamic Warm-ups to Start Every Workout


We all know about the benefits of dynamic stretching before running or when starting any workout, but honestly, sometimes we’re just too lazy to do them, or simply don’t know what stretches to do and just jump straight to running or doing the main workout.

Warming up properly has been proven to enhance overall performance and can help prevent injury during workout, and it doesn’t need to be very complicated.

So we asked Migie Felizardo Senior Coach of 360 Fitness Fort to help show us 6 Dynamic Workouts we can easily do before every workout.


Do these Dynamic Warm-ups 5 to 8 times each:
1. Squat to Stand
2. Inchworm
3. Deep Lunge w/ Rotation
4. Side to Drop Lunge
5. Atlas Lunge
6. Groiner

This should be just a quick 5 minutes dynamic warm-up stretch, make sure to start with it before every workout!

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  1. Sanj Resurreccion Terence Joseph Jael hindi ko pa nababasa name nya partida ah… Kilala ko na agad tindig pa lang!!!

  2. Chloe Dimzon Delos Santos,
    You can try these exercises before working. It’s the same to what I showed you last night. ;)


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