8 Running Apps You Can Download for FREE



With running apps that can monitor your speed, distance, calories burned, and even map your route, your smartphone can be a great running buddy. Whether you’re on Android or iOS, here are 8 running apps you can download and enjoy for free!

8 Running Apps You Can Download for FREE


1. Runkeeper

Runkeeper uses your phone’s GPS to give you detailed reports on your running, cycling, and hiking activities. Get to know your pace, distance, total exercise time, and calories burned while taking and tagging pictures on the go.


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2. Run with Map My Run

Run with Map My Run also uses your phone’s GPS to track and map your running course, time, speed, and total distance traveled. The app shows both your real-time stats and your end-of-run totals. It supports a variety of fitness trackers and heart rate sensors, Android Wear support, and even tracks your nutrition.


3. Runtastic

Runtastic monitors time, speed and distance, and plots your route in real-time, which can be viewed on a Google Earth-style layout. There’s a personal exercise diary where you can keep track of your running stats, a dashboard you can customize, training plans, and detailed graphs of your exercise information. You can even share your progress on your social networks.


4. UP by Jawbone

This app is fun to use, even if you don’t have a Jawbone fitness tracker. The UP app connects with your Jawbone UP fitness tracker or your smartphone’s sensors to help track and interpret fitness stats such as steps taken, calories burned, and activity intensity. You can also record how much food, drink, and sleep you’ve had.



Pumatrac records the distance you’ve run, calories burned, and maps your run route, among others. But what’s nice is that Pumatrac also notes details such as weather, time of day, month, and more. It rates the quality of your run, which you can view and compare with other runners. Pumatrac also generates fun running insights such as whether you run longer while listening to pop or rock music or if you burn more calories on a Sunday.

NIKE Running APp

6. Nike+ Running

Whether on a treadmill, trail, or track, the app records your pace, distance traveled, and time, complete with audio feedback and a route map. You can share your running milestones and even challenge friends to beat your time or distance. If you need an extra energy boost, you can load a “Power Song” to pump you up during your run.


7. Strava Running and Cycling

Strava Running and Cycling records your running speed, distance traveled, time and course taken, and combines these stats with leaderboards, achievements, and challenges to bring out your competitive side.

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8. Couch-to-5K

Transform from a couch potato to a 5K running hero with this app! There’s a 20-30 minute training course that you can follow three times a week over nine weeks, to build your endurance. Choose from four virtual coaches and listen to audio cues to keep you motivated you while running.


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