Earn Your Armour in the Philippines



Under Armour Philippines together with Triple Pte Ltd is launching a regional campaign titled Earn Your Armour Southeast Asia.

The 9-month campaign seeks to engage each local community to build, support, and empower individuals into athleticism by collaborating with international fitness institutions and fitness trainers.

(Elle Alda, Jeff Lo, Tin Majadillas, Andy Leuterio)

At the press launch last April 23, media representatives where given the chance to try the “Earn Your Armour” Experience, I was lucky to have won the challenge and took home a complete head-to-toe Under Armour apparel+shoes!

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Basically the challenges will test athletes’ Strength, Endurance, and Agility through a battery of physical activities.


The campaign is a follow through of the global Earn Your Armour initiative, calling on sporting individuals training across various countries to challenge themselves and prove they have the will of an athlete.

Earn Your Armour Southeast Asia will be launched in partnership with Focus Athletics, FortRock Fitness, and Ultimate Fitness through a series of fitness challenges dubbed “Earn Your Armour Philippines”.


The first “Earn Your Armour Philippines” will be held on Sunday, May 17.

Anyone can sign up to participate in Earn Your Armour on www.tripleready.com, a one-stop fitness and wellness online portal. The campaign uses Endomondo, a social fitness mobile app, were participants are able to track workouts on-the-go with their mobile devices.

Certified trainers from the various institutions will select winners of the campaign, taking into consideration the number of calories burned as well as the exercises the individual has done. Winners will be awarded gift vouchers or apparel from Under Armour.

Participation Details:

1. Sign up and Log-in at www.tripleready.com/earnit
2. Join the challenge by clicking the Endomondo link provided by Tripleready.com
3. Submit entries on Endomondo by logging qualifying workout(s) during the challenge,
using the Endomondo iOS/Android app, or other fitness tracking device (e.g. GPS-
enabled watch)
4. Complete stipulated workouts every week of the challenge
5. Share workouts on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #EarnIt ,
#EarnYourArmour, and #UnderArmourPH

Follow the campaign on Facebook at facebook.com/UnderArmourSEA and on Instagram with the hashtags #EarnYourArmour and #EarnIt.

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  1. wow gusto kong sumali. Regula akong tumatakbo kaso Nike + app ang gamit ko paano ko masasubmit yung records ko?

  2. hello,

    legit po ba kong ung workout na e submit ko, is extracted from Runkeeper because im using Runkeeper.

  3. Unfortunately the ENDOMONDO challenge does not accept additional participants anymore. There is no JOIN button.


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