3rd Corregidor International Half-Marathon – December 1, 2012


3rd Corregidor International Half-Marathon is playing Hard to Get! Are you ready for the this?

3rd Corregidor International Half-Marathon 2012
December 1, 2012
Corregidor Island

Registration Fee:
Php 2,700.00 (plus 4% service charge)

Registration Venue:

The 3rd CIHM Race Registration Tickets can be availed at SM Tickets outlets at all SM Cinemas nationwide. For non-competing companions of race participants, they may avail of the regular Sun Cruises tour package also at SM Tickets.


– Roundtrip ferry to and from Corregidor
– Full lunch buffet on race day
– Race bib w/ RFID timing chip
– 3rd CIHM Dri-fit Race Shirt
– 3rd CIHM Race sling bag
– 3rd CIHM Finisher’s Medallion (or a 10k Achiever Medal)
– Runners’ Briefing (Nov 24 and 25)
– 3rd CIHM Victory Rave Party (Dec 01, Saturday night)
– 3rd CIHM Finisher’s Certificate
– P1,000 SOLEUS Gift Voucher

Corregidor International Half-Marathon – Medal Design:


Corregidor International Half-Marathon – Race Shirt Design:

3rd CIHM shirt 2

Corregidor International Half-Marathon – Windbreaker Design:

3rd CIHM limited edition Windbreaker

Note: This item will be available strictly for participants that will be attending the Runner’s Briefing. The event will take place on Nov. 24 and 25, 2012 at R.O.X store located in Bonifacio High Street, BGC

Race Shirt and Windbreaker Sizes: (Design to Follow)
[download id=”745″]

* For race participants wishing to attend the Carbo-loading Dinner (Nov 30), they may avail of the Carbo Dinner ticket at P250.00 on Nov 24 & 25 during the Runners’ Briefing.

Registration, Ferry and Room Reservations Procedures:

1) 24 hours after purchasing the 3rd CIHM registration ticket from SMTickets, log on to www.corregidor21.runningmate.ph to complete registration for the race.

2) Immediately after making the online registration, contact Sun Cruises (8am to 5pm – Mon to Fri; 8am to 12nn Sat) at 5275555 loc 4511, 0917-5459917, 0917-7948271, 0922-8475418 to book for ferry trip schedules.

Indicate the desired trip schedule:

From Manila to Corregidor
– Overnight – departure on Nov 30 @ 11:30am
– Day trip – departure on Dec 01 @ 5:00am

Return from Corregidor to Manila
– Departure on Dec 01 @ 2:30pm
– Departure on Dec 02 @ 2:30pm

* For steps 1 and 2, remember to keep the 3rd CIHM race ticket on hand. You will be asked of the SM Ticket ID Number to validate your transaction. It is indicated on the ticket preceded with a “#” sign.

3) If applicable, make accommodations reservation with Sun Cruises (only registered participants will be given reservations; 1 room per participant only). Pay the appropriate accommodations booking amount through the payment mode advised by Sun Cruises.

4) On Nov 24 & 25 (as advised through email and text by the organizers) at R.O.X., attend the Runners’ Briefing, pick-up the race pack, and claim the Boarding Pass and/or Accommodations Booking ticket from Sun Cruises. Ensure to bring the 3rd CIHM SM Tickets. Anyone may pick up your kit at R.O.X. during the R.O.X Runners’ Briefing from 3PM to 8PM. They may be asked for identification and your signed authorization note.

[download id=”744″]

CIHM2012 – Video:

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  1. Hi. is the medal made of glass or acrylic as what i think it is? The medal in the picture above looks like it is made of glass or acrylic kasi. Please do clarify. :) Thanks

  2. @ koi – Hi. Sorry to hear about that. Nakausap na namin ang microsite host namin at napag-alaman namin na yun nga ang glitch. Pero lahat ng nag-o-online reg kahit nakakatanggap sila ng “ERROR” message after completing the online form ay pumapasok pa rin sa database namin. Kapag di mo natanggap ang race registration confirmation mo within 24hours after ka mag-online reg, email mo kami sa http://[email protected] or contact mo kami sa 0922-8115438. Ano ang buo mong pangalan?
    @ Jamon – It is made of glass, as a metaphor to a runner’s PR, it’s breakable.

  3. Hi Edward:

    Kindly clarify.

    As per Sun Cruises, Camping out fees are 200 per head. But as per the FAQ:
    “Q: Is there any other option for accommodation if I were to go overnight?
    A: Yes. CIHM participants may opt to camp out with their own tent. They only have to make a one-time payment of Php250 per tent to Sun Cruises. The camp site is at the parade grounds adjacent to the South Dock and facing the beach. Those who will camp out need not worry about their lavatory needs. Though spartan in nature, there are more than ample clean washroom and restroom cubicles that are very proximate to the tent grounds.”

    So which is which?


  4. Hi graemann,

    My apologies. My mistake. The updated info now should be P200 per head. Corregidor Foundation (CFI) is charging P100 per each camper. The camping site is not managed by Sun Cruises hence it is within the jurisdiction of CFI. The other P100 is to cover electricity (lighting in the area) and water (lavatory). We will update the info in the FAQ. Once again my apologies.

  5. Hi jerry,

    For non-competing companions of race participants they could avail of the regular tour package of Sun Cruises at P2200. The tickets are also available at SM Cinemas.

  6. Thanks for the reply sir. I think a medal made of metal is much better, as a metaphor to a runner’s spirit and determination, unbreakable. hehehe. anyway, that is just my suggestion though. hirap kasi baka mabasag pag glass. thanks

  7. @ angel.d.saint – Yes. It’ll be Sun Cruises regular tour package which includes the guided tour. Sun Cruises decided to offer it now so CIHM participants may bring their families with them. And while the race is ongoing, they could cheer for their respective guy/gal in the race while on board the tranvias roving the island.
    @ Jamon – Big thanks for your suggestion. We had the metal medal for the last two editions. During the 1st CIHM we had the brass plated medal, on the 2nd CIHM we had the platinum plated medal. And this year, we’ll have a medal made of tempered glass rendered in red to sort of mimic a very hard gemstone -ruby. Every year we have something new for CIHM participants. Next year, we’ll have…that’ll be a surprise. Cheers!

  8. I was at the first CIHM… I even camped and attended the post-running party with Session Road. But since last year the schedule of the event doesnt meet my yearbook. Please next year make it on the 3rd week of December

  9. Coach Edward, 2nd CIHM 21k finisher here…good thing to know at may exemption sa qualifying time kahit di umabot sa first 500…thanks! More power!

  10. Hello to everyone who’s joining, I’m looking for someone who is planning to stay in the hotel- to share the room with. I want to save on the accommod expenses. Originally, I’m supposed to run for this event with an office-mate, but he backed out, thus this post. I haven’t registered yet because I’m kind of waiting to have someone to share the hotel expenses with since their room can accomodate up to 2 to 5 or 6(I haven’t really confirmed). I’m running for 21K. To set your expectations, this’ll be a CIVIL runner to runner set up. NO personal connection required. We can even exist or finish the entire event from travel to Corregidor, to the run, to the rave party and travel back to Manila without talking to each other- I’m GAY and I know it’s a huge issue for a lot of people. I’m not looking for friends or anything that has something to do with human interactions and connections, just someone to SHARE THE HOTEL ACCOMODATION & EXPENSES.

    for safety reasons, pls leave your email for me to contact. Thank you.

  11. @ Ri and Alex – another option is the Hostel. The setup is a large hall with several bunker beds. If I’m not mistaken, each bed/person is priced at P500/night.
    @ Taygi – Yes there are still fast track slots open. Around 200 slots.

  12. the hostel sounds scary but for saving money why not, kaso lang ang daming tao dun for sure.

    @Edward Kho will we be able to charge gadgets in the hostel? and can we leave our important belongings somewhere safe?


  13. @Mhean, I’m positive there is, a friend just registered. I just got my confirmation and my bib# for 21k is far from 500:)

  14. @thedazara – tks a lot for advising Mommy Bhaku and Mhean. We use a different set of bib numbers for CIHM alums so it won’t eat up on the first 500 slots.
    @ brian – The hostel is right at the back of Corregidor Inn. There’s nothing scary within the premises, it somehow resembles the setup in a dorm. It’s more fun actually. Yes, there are several power outlets inside where you could charge your gadgets, but keep an eye on them. During the race you may deposit your stuff at the Baggage Check-in Booth located near the Finish area near the pontoon.

  15. Sana may ibang option yung return ferry trip to Manila besides 2:30PM during the race day para mas masulit ang island even in a day.

  16. @ Balbon – Sulit na sulit yan with the race route. Don’t forget to bring your digicam/cellphone cam. Wala namang cutoff time. 2 vessels lang kasi ang operational ng Sun Cruises and as per regulation ng Coast Guard dapat before sunset nasa Manila dock na sila.
    @ Maritess – Hi! Same Sun Cruises contact numbers po :-)
    @ Allenstein – Hey pinsan! The windbreaker is P900 only pero for CIHM racers only, konti lang kasi, 30 units lang per size. Btw, we still have your iTab and finisher’s certificate of last year’s CIHM. Sa 24 & 25 sa R.O.X. iri-ready namin para makuha ng lahat ng alums.
    @ John – Sa Hostel, sharing. Happy dun!

  17. Hi Mhean,

    Try also the mobile numbers of Sun Cruises. The rate you mentioned is for the Cabana/Resort cottage, airconditioned, good for 6 not just 4 according to Sun Cruises.

  18. Hi Jhoy,

    Yung standard rooms sa hotel according to Sun Cruises, naubos na kagad in 5 days since magbukas ang race registration. Try camping out, a different kind of adventure but a lot safe. Marami pang slots ang 10K.

  19. Sir Edward,

    I’m having a hard time calling the number for the sun cruise to book for the ferry trip, i have tried the landline and the cp number to no avail. is there other way to book?

  20. @ Maritess when are you and your friend staying at the hotel? We have 2 slots available to fill in the cabana(that’ll make us 4), on the 30th only. holler if interested:)

  21. @Rye, papabook muna kami sa sun cruise…

    @Edward Kho, my gulay! walang sumasagot sa Sun Cruise sa landline and sa Cellphone, paano kami makakapagpabook sa Sun Cruise? ano ito? Susmaryosep nakakaloka sila ha may nagtatrabaho ba dun? Please let us know kung anong gagawin namin para makapagpabook.

  22. Same thing saken…pang 4days ko ng nag-try tumawag sa landlne ng sun cruise pero puro ring lang ang naririnig ko…any update sir edward?

  23. @ Hi blayan, Maritess, john! Many thanks for your candid feedback. We encourage that so we can address the situation right away. I’ll coordinate this with Sun Cruises right away. In fact, I’ll copy-paste and send your comments to them now. Let me know asap once your concerns has been resolved or if it is still taking time.
    @ jhoy – Hi! Yung SM Ticket number HINDI yung transaction ID. Yung SM Ticket number makikita sa upper left portion ng ticket sa baba ng “EVENT”, kahanay ng “SECTION”, at may “#” sa unahan.

  24. all set and ready…
    1. registration – finished
    2. ferry (Sun Cruises) – confirmed
    3. training – still going

    good luck to all of us joining 3rd CIHM, happy and safe running.

    see you at “The Rock”!

  25. hi,
    i bought & registered on line last nov.5, i also received confirmation email on the same day. How many days does it take to get my bib no.? just worried because i thought it would only take 2 days & its already friday….

  26. Hi joy,

    What’s your full name? You mentioned you got your confirmation already. Which confirmation is it? Your booking confirmation from Sun Cruises or the 3rd CIHM Race Registration Confirmation? If it’s the latter, your bib number is mentioned there. Pls let me know.

  27. hi edward,
    the email i received hasn’t mentioned any bib no., its just my data that i registered on line & it says “You will receive a confirmatory e-mail after we have reviewed all the information and validated your payment details”, im ok with sun cruises, me & my friend were already booked. My full name is Jocelyn J. Gumapas.

  28. Good Day! after trying to call the land line & the cp numbers of the sun cruise which resulted to no answer, i have tried sending them a text and after 6 hrs they have replied and sent me the details in my email with regards to my booking schedule. maybe you can also try this.

  29. @ blayan – Many thanks for suggesting that alternative to fellow participants. Mabuhay ka!
    @ simpleRunner – Hi! Same thing, you may purchase your ticket from SM Tickets (SM Cinemas). It’s the regular Corregidor Tour package @ P2,200. As per Sun Cruises it includes the ferry transfers, lunch buffet, and guided tour.
    @ anna – Hi Anna! Pareho on Nov 24 & 25, briefing session will be conducted from 3pm-8pm, in batches. Dating lang kayo anytime convenient sa inyo sa pagitan ng oras na nabanggit.

  30. This is perhaps the most elite half-marathon in the Philippines. This would be the best venue for you guys to do a PR or simple just enjoy the whole route and run the distance with a pace youre comfortable with, the pace you’ve all trained for.

    With this we can help. Let us know your target time and we’ll map out which times you need to be there per kilometer. All you have to do is stick our tattoo on your arm, and just stick to your pace. And in no time, you wont notice youre already crossing the Finish Line. Strong!

    For just p80, you guys can sport this cool looking functional tattoo!

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    Please like us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pacemaker/367560480003390

  31. @SiLvErHaZe – try mo po i txt ung globe lines nila,
    include mo
    name, ticket #, email add, contact detail, preferred departure.
    thats what i did and they have replied to me via txt and email..

  32. Hi Sir Edward,
    I’ve already bought tickets for my companions (non-participants) and called Sun Cruises. They asked for my name, email address and contact no. Then, they sent me an email and asked for our name and age so I sent them those info. Then they sent me again an email asking me to pay P2,300 for adults and P1,350 for kids (3-11yrs old) via deposit to their BDO account. Do I also need to pay for this, even if I already bought the SM tickets worth P2,200?

  33. @Edward Kho
    Hi sir edward, ive just joined your contest. Sana po mapili ako, i really really wanted to be a part of your event here. Goodluck to all runners there keep safe always! Thanks & God bless!

  34. @Edward Kho
    Kelan po ba end ng registration dito sir. I really want to join kaya lng 28 pako magkakabudget. Else i really do hope na palarin sa contest nyo. Xmas wish ko nlng to sana magkatotoo.

  35. @ simpleRunner – sige ipo-forward namin lahat ng info na binigay mo sa Sun Cuises para ma-address ang issue. Aabisuhan ka namin kung ano ang explanation nila.
    @ jerry – bukas pa ang registration pero last na sa Nov 23. Good luck!
    @ monddteR – until now ayon sa Sun Cruises, busted pa rin ang landline nila, ring lang ng ring sa end ng caller pero sa kanila busy tone. Subukan mo yung mga mobile numbers especially try mo yung suggestion ni blayan.

  36. Registered! That was smooth… It took me one call to Sun Cruises to booked our trip. Lucky. :)

    Also informed (my understanding) that there’s only one resort/hotel that’s still available for accommodation which is a little far from the event, but they (Hotel) will provide a shuttle service. Forgot the name of the place. Just verify the info when you call them (Sun Cruises).

    Anyhow, we opted to camp-out (for a little adventure and bonding). We just have to pay 200/head. The camp site is near to the event site and it’s well maintained.

    I suggest for some runners (couples, barkada) to try camping out if you run-out of hotel accommodation. It will be one heck of an experience, enjoyable for sure.

    I can somehow help you guys identify on basic/important stuff that you need bring and where to buy it (cheaper)… If you’re new to camping-out. :)

  37. huhuhu mukang maiiwan ako dito :( nakakainis na 13th month yan antagal kc ibigay! sir Edward let me win sa contest nlng :D pamasko mo na saken hehe

  38. We are still in need of 1 participant to share a cabana accommodation(PhP3500):) for the Nov 30th night. But if anyone wants to share the room(from Nov 30th) till the 2nd, here’s our setup: Nov 30th, there’s 3 of us, all guys. On Dec 1st we’re 4,all guys still. You just have to confirm with Sun Cruises how much is the additional fee on Dec 1st(because only 4 people is allowed in a cabana accommodation with no extra fee) and pay it yourself in reference to our accommodation confirmation #(provided by Sun Cruises). We paid for the 2 nights already(maghahatian sa Nov 24th briefing). Contact me at [email protected].

    To everyone, I don’t know what happens to your trying to contact Sun Cruises, but we are able to contact them just fine in 1 to 2 dials:D

  39. wala na tlga pagasa makasama :(
    gudluck sa mga tatakbo dito!
    yung nagdadalawang isip ule na tumakbo jan, benta nyo nlng saken racekits nyo pero sa 28 or 29 bayad. pagkakuha ng 13th month hehehe..

  40. Sir Edward… nag register ako online last nite (Nov. 22) and I got a reply message “CIHM [Successful Registration]” pero wala naman naka-assign na bib no. for me. Paano ko malalaman bib no. ko? My full name is Emerson C. Salvador.

    Will ask someone (philstar runners) to pick-up my race kit tomorrow.

    as for Sun Cruises… still trying to contact them.

    Thanks thanks.

  41. @boyzilla-hehehe,i was at coleman warehouse sale the whole day…kaya mamaya lang ako punta…sayang nga lang at di pa tayo magkakilala, di tuloy tayo nagkita…hehehe…-di ko nakausap ang sun cruise…bahala na sa dec 1, magdala na lang ako ng tent…sana lang pedeng dun na lang magbayad…hehehe

  42. @Edward Kho, pwede po bang magpapalit ng size ng shirt? kasi po ung nakalagay sa sizing chart nyo eh 16.5 inches ung width ng small shirt pero nung itsek ko po kahapon eh 20 inches kaya super laki po sakin..

  43. @boyzilla, we are also camping out on the 30th, overnight. We’re both new to camping, any beginners’ checklist? Heheh we might end up bringing the whole house! Thnx in advance and see u on dec1!

  44. Hi Lino:

    As per a Race Staff na nakausap namin last Nov 24, you can have on Race Day. Ganito din case ng friend namin e. Although nandun sya ng Nov 24, hinde nya nadala yung SM Ticket nya. E Bulacan pa. So race day nalang sya.

    Hope this helps.


  45. @boyzilla – got myself a tent, sleeping bag, hydration bottle, etc…sayang lang kase wala na sila bag…

    @sir Edward / Anyone – sir / ma’am panu papunta sa Sun Cruise terminal pag mag-commute lang(galing ako cubao), sensya na po…nalimot ko itanong nung runner’s briefing, na-excite kase ako sa “Killer Hill” eh…


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