I Run for Integrity 2011 – Race Results Discussion

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Congratulations to those who participated at the I Run for Integrity 2011. Race Results and Photo Links will be posted here once the organizers released them.

View Online Race Results:
I Run for Integrity 2011 – Online Results

For now please feel free to share your comments and suggestions about this event here, let’s all have a healthy discussion.

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  1. So much fun kanina…kakatuwa..kahit nakakapagod..sobrang ganda ng mga prizes sa raffle..congrats sa mga nanalo..more power pa..

    suggestion lang…sana hiwa-hiwalay ang baggage counter ng bawat categories…dun lang kami nagtagal kanina…hehehe

    pero super enjoy..sayang lang..hindi nanalo sa mga raffles..GOD Bless..:)

  2. So much fun kanina…kakatuwa..kahit nakakapagod..sobrang ganda ng mga prizes sa raffle..congrats sa mga nanalo..more power pa..
    suggestion lang…sana hiwa-hiwalay ang baggage counter ng bawat categories…dun lang kami nagtagal kanina…hehehe
    pero super enjoy..sayang lang..hindi nanalo sa mga raffles..GOD Bless..:)

  3. I am happy with this race. It’s one of the most well-organized runs I have attended. The race route was good and there were many hydration stations. For improvement, I suggest that if there has to be a program before the race it should start early so that the race could start on time. We were just blessed this with a good weather that is conducive for running. Had it been a very sunny morning, it would be already hot by 0730H. But overall, the event was successful. I think many are happy of having participated. Congratulations to the organizers and all finishers.

  4. A BIG Congrats to the Participants, Finishers and Organizers! wohooo! im so happy that i ended my fully-booked run events for May with a blast! Integrity Run was also an anticipated event since i registered for it early in April.

    *nice pre-race program hosted by GMA’s Ivan Mayrina
    *great warm up session with Gold’s Gym
    *energetic cheering number from UP Pep Squad and Convergys drumbeat boys
    *a better alternate route for my 5K – noticed it didnt pass by a downhill road that had ongoing construction
    *well distanced hydration stations – 1st time no hydration for me! unbelievable!
    *ample medics and ambulance. a middle-aged woman from 5K collapsed after 2Kms. hope she was fine.
    *enough distance signages and marshalls
    *very cool nylon made u-turn string
    *awesome colorful loot bag/color coded singlet
    *heavy bfast from McDo and tasty Jollibee chicken burger (hello, @Suplado!)
    *blockbuster line for photo booth but its ok. fellow runners @Suplado @Yingski and I had fun posing!
    *nice firetruck shower – @Finish Line
    *worth-keeping Finishers Medal
    *next time, more portalets please and closer baggage counters.
    *more runs co-sponsored by my employer Convergys! proud to have run and representated our company. Kudos!
    *fun freebies and raffle prizes –>next time will win some!
    and the rest, could not complain since a lot of runners and their families/friends had tons of fun too!

    always a pleasure running alongside my PF forum mates @Cecille @Yingski @Suplado. great having met @Yogurt and his family. first time meet with Joy and Gerry (Jared’s officemates) and Geraldine from MOA Chris Sports (don’t forget our MIM reservations ha?).

    the Heavens heard our prayers. we were so blessed with a nice and conducive weather for running…

    so proud to have run for INTEGRITY!

  5. good thing GMA 7 was a media partner for this run coz i would not be able to reunite with my good friend and TV Reporter MARIZ UMALI, after 12 long years!
    she and i were both involved with InfoChat – an IT show hosted by IT Geek Jerry Liao back in the late 90’s.

    great to see you again and nice running alongside you Mariz and her beau, fellow reporter Raffy Tima. until the next run! wohooo!

  6. @Ms_Mars: haven’t meet you yet! haha! I arrived late kaya ‘di na po ako nakapunta sa baggage area…nway, I barely finished 15k category due to right leg cramps…=( I don’t know my official time yet but I think it was 1:55 which is too far from my 15k time last globe run 4 home…i still thank God for giving me enough strenght to finish. What run are you going to join this sunday?

  7. @c21
    ahh so that’s why. we understand. the rest of the group kc and myself were lookin for you.
    but congrats for finishing your first 15K! wohooo! great job despite the time.

    @Cecille was running under the weather too. she wasnt feeling well almost gave up but prevailed with the run. unofficially @Yingski had 1:22 and @Suplado timed 1:27. my 5K PR was still same. ;)

    this Sunday? im thinking of either AKTV Run or Reebok Zigtech. what about you?

  8. Thanks you very much to the organizer of this event. The event is well organize, There are ample of water station and the signage is very clear to the runners.
    More power to you!!!




  10. had a great run in this event. :) sorry @ms_mars, still havent met u and ur group personally.. good thing is fb friends na tayo. hehehe..

    lots of water in this event which is really good. :)

    congrats to all the runners who joined this event. :)

    til next run! :)

  11. very nice event, that was my 1st 15k, despite of paltos nakaya ko p rin sya.. thank God.. thank you organizers=)

  12. Funny moments #1 Ready! Gunfire!!! wink… Wala si Set at si Go? hehehe… #2 Sinong runner ang natanggalan ng swelas? Mizuno shoes pa naman. Bakit hindi iniwan yung other pair para hindi lonely yung isa? hahaha….#3 Bakit yung signage ng START at FINISH ay magkabaliktad? Dapat backward din ang running style ng mga runners. Bang!!! @Ms_Mars – Parang 3 stoogies lang po ang dating natin together with Jared, right mam? Overall it was a great run! Congrats to all!

  13. great run.. masaya kaming umuwi after ng race. nice meeting ms_mars, sir yingski, at sir suplado at mam cecile. sensya na di na ko nakasama sa pictorial nyo. nagugutom na kc kami eh.see you ulit sa next run.

  14. Ang corney nyo. Nde sya well organized noh. Bakit walang mga saging. Yan tuloy nagcramps muscle ko. until now ang sakit ng legs at binti ko. Next time more saging and sana gatorade naman okay.

  15. //@yogurt: it’s a pleasure meeting you, yer wifey and yer dad..! congratulations to yer daddy for finishing his category..

    //til the next run..!

  16. @joeyboy80
    thanks and congrats for finishing the race too! great improvement on your PR.
    dont worry, the group will look forward to the next runs so see you soon po!

    most of us are joining Mizuno Infinity…

  17. @yogurt
    i was surprised you easily recognized me at the check in area of 15K, haha!
    thanks a lot for joining this great run and was very nice meeting you and Racquel and esp si Tatay. wohooo! at his age, im really impressed! he’s incredible!

    hanggang sa susunod na run events! ;)

  18. We had fun with my wife and some of my friends but the only problem we encounter is the Portalet and water station, some water station has only 2 tables and we don’t like the taste if Vitwater or baka nanibago lang kami compared to gathorade and powerade. but all in all we enjoyed it! :-)

  19. congratulation to all FINISHERS!

    congrats also to organizer sir rudy biscocho… more more power and more more event to come! :-)

  20. yes.. actually mr rudy biscocho was so helpful and approachable. it was annoying when the other staff are being rude after you just finish your long run..

  21. @yingski
    yeah right? who’s the VIRGIN by d way? ;)

    got an advise from PACER at the other forum to also try out calling Mizuno Eastwood for an avail 21K slot?

  22. @Ms_Mars, maganda ba ang finisher’s shirt ng Mizuno Run? :) I am still thinking if yun ang next run ko or sa Independence Day. :)

  23. @joeyboy80
    i dont think there is finishers shirt for the Mizuno Run…singlet only. they said its great quality coz the item is straight from Japan.

    try to join as well…

  24. @Ms_Mars, I see. I might try to drop by sa Expo tomorrow. Nasa online registration kasi ay finisher’s shirt for all at saka yung sa Facebook page nila. :)

  25. @badboy,yeah dito yata sila palpak pag dating sa results kasi other runs have results agad hindi umaabot ng isang linggo…sana they have the result(official) and posted kc marami ang nag momonitor ng kanilang PR’s.My runner friend says it is more than 15k based on his GPS gadget…:)

  26. @c21 – ano unofficial time mo dito? Mine 1:22 for 15K. Pacing lang kasi naka VFF ako dahil part narin ng training at calves strengthening

  27. @yingski: i think 1:54. i barely finished this race due to cramps…big difference for my previous 15k at 1:36 but still thankful that I was able to finish it. =)

  28. @c21 – yan ang tamang attitude ika nga SHOW MUST GO ON. Lakas talaga ng kutob ko after ng race maski wala akong gps and I even asked Ms_Mars, Suplado, Yogurt na mukhang over sa 15k ang race. Since biglang binago ang original na 15k route for valid reason (baha) ay may possibility na hindi accurate ang rerouting nila. And true enough 15.5k daw ang lumabas pero okey parin kasi personal achievement din.

  29. @yingski @c21 @Suplado @yogurt @reydor
    that’s right friends…never say die spirit indeed! finishing a race that you started despite the odds along the way…

    Congrats again for overcoming a 15.5K run!
    proud proud! ;)

  30. @cecille
    you are a mighty runner too my dear…
    your will power prevailed and in the end,
    wohooo crossing the line for your 15K!
    we’re so proud of you despite running under the weather…

  31. So it means,you can actually go for 16k next time…he!he!btw,my unofficial time for 15k is 1hr 17mins and 35secs accdg to time displayed in finish line….alas,but still thankful,i was not able to sustain my target of 1hour and 15mins…Deo Omnes Gloria!All Glory to God!Our next run might be the Yamaha run to be organized by RUNRIO,check this out guys….Coach Rio has the real INTEGRITY in handling running event.,..maganda ang singlet and may finisher shirt pa and medal for 21k…see you RUNNERS!

  32. //i was using google chrome last night..i think that was the culprit..i was able to register using firefox.. :).. thanks @pinoyfitness…and yeah, it was a pleasure meeting you and @reydor and @joey & wifey…the teriyaki boy weekend was great..!

  33. Kakainis naman organizer, parang dedma n sa race result, more than a week na,, sana sabihin kung may inaantay p yung mga participants, at least di na umaasa,,,kayo kaya pag antayin,,bad bad bad

  34. They did post an update in their FB profile last June 2:

    “The data for the Race Results are still being encoded and the Certificates will only be completed when database is done. We will post an announcement when they are finally available. Thank you for all your patience and understanding.”

  35. They did post an update in their FB page:

    “The data for the Race Results are still being encoded and the Certificates will only be completed when database is done. We will post an announcement when they are finally available. Thank you for all your patience and understanding.”

  36. @c21
    you’re very welcome my friend. happy out of town trip to you this week. ingats sa bundok!
    kita kits over there, haha!

    we’re gonna miss you among others during the Mizuno Run this Sat. let’s talk more about the CAMSUR Marathon when you get back okies?

  37. Yeah,finally the results are now available, i am happy because i was able to land in top 30,not bad…he!he!it could have been in top 25 if only i focused on the road and not on billboards he!he!dami distractions,,,,so far so good :) see you next run guys…our next run is on the 19th at Nuvali…Deo Omnes Gloria!

  38. @Tad, the “filter” function is available so you could segregate the two categories. I think the results were fairly presented, in all material respects, hehe. Hope this helps.

  39. hayy until now 15 and 10k pa lang din yung naka post na race results… kawawa naman yung mga nasa 3k and 5k category, still expecting their official time.. sana pala 10k and 15k na lang ang category tutal yun lang naman pala ang ipopost… hayy kakainis…

  40. SAN NA POW 3k and 5k RESULTS!!!??!!



  41. di sinasagot mga tanong ko sa FB nila. yung sinagot na telephone number nila, binura din pagkatapos lang ng ilang minuto. bakit kaya?

  42. To the PF Peeps who ran for Integrity:
    i shall drop by the ECCP Bldg on June 30 to claim my Certificate of Participation. iLL also claim your certies as well ok?
    the Organizers said its ok as long as your names are in the race results…

    Quick rundown of runners –
    @Yingski @Cecille @Yogurt & Tatay @Suplado @Jonas R @Ms_Mars @c21



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