Pilipinas Running Clubs Challenge – November 13, 2011


Renderfarm Graphics, the organizer of the successful Baguio 21k is now on set challenging all running clubs nationwide to send off their team and take part in the “Pilipinas Running Clubs Challenge” which will be held on November 13, 2011 in Baguio City.

The event will be very thrilling since it will affirm who among the clubs nationwide is the best and will be declared the Champion Running Club of the Philippines. Aside from being crowned the prestigious title, the winning team will be provided with free registration and two-way ticket and have the chance to experience meeting the elite runners all over the world in one of the largest marathons in Asia. Yes, the organizer of SCHKM has given a slot for the champion team to take part in the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon on February 5, 2012.

Pilipinas Running Clubs Challenge
November 13, 2011 @ 5:30AM
Burnham Lake Drive, Baguio City
21K / 10K / 5K
Organizer: Renderfarm graphics

Registration Fees:
Details will be posted soon

Registration Venues:


Contact Details:
Philip Aquino Pacle
Race Director
+63 922 260 4201
+63 926 732 3756


  1. //@Ms_Mars: @yingski: @C21: @yogurt: @Cecille: how about joining a running club..? @bingski already has..perhaps we can join her in ANR.. :)

  2. @Suplado
    cool idea! let’s see about the options and toying around the idea of Bingski’s ANR. coz from what i know, Cecille is involved with Milo Run Clinic. will have to find out more abt the others.
    if the schedule permits why not? ;)

  3. @suplado & group: coz i feel lazy today, to all na ang message. Are you really guys up for the challenge? Running uphill, downhill is no joke. I joined baguio 21 last april and i thought my left knee was gonna break. Jared correction, i haven’t enrolled in the Milo clinic yet, ijust joined last year, coz the schedule is in conflict with my work. Anyway, i’ll ask also jobz, hardcore runner din siya. PAGING JOBZ, kindly join the forum or i’ll just email you.

  4. Yup aNR Ortigas-Tiendesitas po ako. Our sessions are every Friday and meeting place infront of Fun Ranch. Even if you don’t have aNR passport, anyone can still join us.

  5. @cecille: I was there too last Baguio21k…that was hard! need to practice more uphill runs!
    @Bingski: what time po every friday? =)

  6. @c21: dear i have a feeling na nakita na kita even before baguio21k. I’ll try to go to Megamall later, para ma-meet ka.

  7. Hello!!! Details for the Pilipinas Running Clubs Challenge will be ready soon in our new website. Meanwhile, prepare your time. It’s gonna be exciting.

  8. @Sir philipp: Sir Philipp:
    Good afternoon! I would like to clarify something, are the teams of 10 persons going run successively like relay to finish the 21k or they will run together as a group up to the finish line?

  9. @cecille i have no access in our forum right now…it was block i can only chat with you guys here…ur idea for 21K in Baguio sounds great hope my knees could recover during that time…

  10. @suplado_ako & gumihorunner: kakainis nga eh, i was suppose to propose this to the PF peeps for the team challenge 21k coz my officem8s are still unable to do 21k vertical run. Naku gumihorunner, if ever ma-move ang RU3, & tuloy ang PF peeps dito, you really need to speed up the recovery of your knees kasi it’s really really bloody to do a vertical run!!! Ang rest time ko lang when i did Baguio21k was the flat roads na very very short distance lang. Sana ma-move ang RU3 so i we can participate in this event.

  11. Ms mars: sa corregidor na lang tayo bawi and we still have CAMSUR pa. Organize natin group for Corregidor, dito na lang sa forum mag-confirm the people who want join a group. There are earlier posts who are looking for a group for this event. Under the PF peeps banner na rin kaya if Mr. PF would not mind?

  12. @cecille
    yes there are several PF friends interested in joining the Corregidor Marathon.
    the only hurdle will be its MILO Finals the following day and i for one, still want to join and run for MILO also, kahit 10K lng…

    i dont want to miss the 42K Finals coz we have a handful of runner friends who will run their best full mary to date!


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