Greenfield Clean Air Run 2011 – Race Results Discussion

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Congratulations to all who participated in the Greenfield Clean Air Run 2011. Race Results are now out for viewing.

View Online Results:
Greenfield Clean Air Run 2011 – Online Results

Note: The race was organized by RunRio. For any concerns regarding the race results, please email [email protected]

Please feel free to share your feedback and comments about this event here:


  1. are loot bags only filled with a unilab 1 pc. ascorbic acid and 1 enervon and nothing else, but my friends who got finish first got it filled w/ lots of goodies. and why late finishers only get almost nothing?

  2. @ Iyo, thanks… Organizers did great in this run… Kakatapos lang nung AKTV run… and the discussions are still hot… Find out why…. See you guys next year…. or later…. Will run again, Im sure of it….


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