Hyundai Fun Run 2011 – Race Results and Photos

hyundai fun run race results and photos

Congratulations for those who participated and supported the BIGGEST ever FREE fun run in the Philippines. Race Results and Photo links of Hyundai Fun Run 2011 will be posted here once the organizers released them.

View Race Results Here:
Hyundai Fun Run 2011 – Online Race Results

Event Photos:
Active Moments – Hyundai Fun Run 2011 Photos

For now please feel free to share your feedback and comments about this event here!

If you had a FUN RUN kindly leave a message to Hyundai and the Organizers and Share this Post for your friend to do the same!




  1. WOW!!!! Good PICTURES!!! Good TIMED RESULTS!!! class A RUN!!! VERY good CO.!!! TNx A LOTS!! frm. bib nos. 10706!!! mabuhay HYUNDAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. HYUNDAI LONG LIVE, you’re really cool, even though the run was already finish online support is still available. Got a reply on my inquiry for just a minute:)

  3. This is one of the best runs that I have joined so far. Very well organized. Hindi tinipid, considering it’s a free run. Congratulations to Hyundai! Happy anniversary!

  4. Off-topic lang.. @pinoyfitness…which thread has the most number of comments? =) If my observation is correct, this thread has the most number of good comments so far (though I started running only last year). Just curious.
    Another thought…it is a Korean brand that was willing and able to provide this free fun run for us Pinoys. Wala lang, just thinking aloud.

  5. Thank you Hyundai for hosting the event. Me and my friends really enjoyed the run. Marshalls, Medics and Hydration are exactly where they should be and everything is highly organized. I never got mad about the huge numbers of participants but rather appreciated it more because everyone was really having fun and it was very contagious. I am not against paying a fee to join a fun run but Hyundai proved that even not getting a peso from participants, it’s still can be done. Kudos to Hyundai!

  6. congrats Hyundai. the best ang preparation. sabi nga nila the run started sa preparation pa lang. tapos me donation pa. kudos!

  7. Congratulations to Hyundai for a very successful FREE run.. Up to now I’m still amazed at how a free run can get so organized. Except for the numerous times the route got clogged ( nagkakasalubungan na — sa dami ng tumakbo , everything about the run is so satisfying….Kudos, Hyundai, may your tribe increase!!!!

  8. Pang 10th run ko to this year and out of that eto yung pinaka nag-enjoy talaga ako. Until now, I am still reading other comments here….saya talaga!

  9. Individual results can be seen at :)

    Please make sure you input your Strider Shoe Tag Number and *not* the bib number.

    If you no longer have it, or have questions about the result, you may e-mail us at [email protected]

    Thank you for supporting the Hyundai Run for a Cause! :)

  10. Kudos to Hyundai and run organizers…I indeed enjoyed it and it was indeed “clean as you run”…clap clap clap!

  11. Thank you Hyundai for the super fun run. I’m glad that I did my first 10k run experience with you. Well organized…now, how could the others top that? Congratulations to all the organizers!
    Hanggang sa susunod na Masayang Takbo!

  12. @c21 :
    yeah me too! still reading and making comments here sa Hyundai Fun Run, hehe! still got the hangover eh…ang galing naman kc ng pagkaka organize nila eh…
    cant help but give credit to who and where credit is due…

    sna hwag nang paabutin next year the Part 2.. hopefully before the year is over another HYUNDAI FUN RUN ulit! why not?
    super BITIN eh!

  13. sabi nga ng Hyundai na magcommit tayo sa kanila at magpapatakbo ulit sila ng libre. Mabuhay Hyundai! Congrats to all runners!

  14. inabot ako ng past 9am para mag-register sa Good Housekeeping Run sa Manila Ocean Park. pabalik na ako andun pa ang staff ng Hyundai para mamigay ng tubig, at pwedeng gamitin pa ang mga portalets. Galing!

  15. how lucky! just checked the Active Moments photo gallery…and ive got a lucky snap shot too! thanks to the photog, you got me! hehe…
    and my sister got a couple of in action candid pics too! matutuwa un, she will post it as profile pic in FB pronto!

    thank you Active Moments grp of photogs! sna nagpacute pa me ng husto for you guys, har har!

  16. Thanks hyundai, very organized run. It’s really cool. Me, my Girlfriend, and my friends really enjoyed the run. The best talaga kayo Hyundai. All free. Sarap!

  17. Hyundai free run is definitely an ace race. It was free and yet Hyundai did not cut on costs specifically on (1) hiring people to post as marshals dividing the runners from and to the start/finish line. Race events normally rent cones to post as barriers and form two lanes. Imagine that! They have not only given a free race they made a lot of people earn extra income as well (2) portalets – though I have not used one of them because of my bad experience from even the highly recognized runrio races which some posters here commended (3) overflowing water supply – you can even take home as many as you want after the race (sa nagcomment na malayo ang [1st] stop for the water supply, tama lang ang distance you were just probably used to drinking water every .5km-2km) (4) active moments and itemhound – ba’t di kunin ito ng ibang race org? (5) shoe tag – do we really need high tech shoe tags/time chips for our runs? accurate naman ang result :) at ang dami pang +points. i can actually see the point of the bottled water instead of the cups kahit na hirap ako magdala ng bottle while running – less kalat kasi. saka mas madaling linisin ang kalsada kesa cups. Lastly, talo pa ng Hyundai fun run ang halos lahat ng pinakamahal na nasalihan kong race so far last of which was condura. Thank you Hyundai. I will promote your cars to all my friends who would be buying cars now and in the future.

  18. Kudos to Hyundai for a very well organized event. Daig pa ang paid events. Sobrang nagulat din ako na yun photos are searchable by BIB#! Sana start na to ng trend ng FREE fun run. Thanks a Lot!

  19. hahaha dami pics sa gallery pero kahit isa wala ako.. nagiisa n nga lang ibang tao pa…. gosh i can’t sort those thousand of pictures… but good job dahil ang dami photographer..=) congrats..

  20. Congrats Hyundai! Looking forward to more free fun fun runs! And also, hope we can participate to your cause for Haribon, Gawad Kalinga and Habitat for Humanity! Way to go! :)

  21. thank u very much hyundai team…. congrats!!! libre na sulit pa sa lahat… daming bottled water,marshals, ok ang booth di tulad sa 34th Milo National Marathon na ginanap din sa Quirino grandstand pagkatapos ng run makita mo na lang mga bags ng mga runners wala na sa booth nasa hagdanan na kanya-kanyang kuha at hanap ang may ari pwede pang manakaw… eh sa hyundai safe na safe ang mga gamit namin kasi hinihintay talaga nilang makuha ng may kanya…Nice job hyundai organizers…kudos to your team and company….

  22. Thanks Hyundai for this free fun run. It’s my first 5k run and good thing i did it here. Attendees are very overwhelming…all of the runners enjoyed it, though i just run by my self but its ok…sadly, i don’t have a picture while running….but it’s ok…thanks again Hyundai…rest assured that i’ll be running next year :)

  23. @JM

    wow watta great HS gift for your son…
    a car! inspired by the fun run, great choice of Hyundai Genesis! wohooo!

    congrats to his accomplishment! and to you as the father. next route – College!

  24. I’ve been joining races for almost 4 years now but I never had the feeling like that. Still got a hang-over of the Hyundai Run for a cause. Surely wear the Hyundai Singlet in my next race. Wish you more success Hyundai. Good thing my parents bought a Hyundai starex last year. ‘ )



  27. i ran for NATGEO yday minus my sister (she had parish svc)…

    while running, i missed the many photogs of Active Moments jst like what happend here for HYUNDAI! you know that someone is on the look out to capture your running moment. eh nasaan po kayo???

    there were photogs there but was not sure if they were for NatGeo or so coz i didnt notice any official IDs.


  28. hi i’m lany and my bib no is 04162 i haven’t seen any of my pics plssssss kindly help me search..its once in a lifetime event and I wanted it to be memorable. I know i do have some shots from the run plssssssss help me find my photos.Thank you

  29. Happy Easter is tomorrow na!

    two wks after the mega successful staging of HYUNDAI’s FREE Fun Run, ive been into 2 more runs and so far, wala pa ring tatalo for what Hyundai has done!

    ung tipong may hinahanap kna wala ung iba but Hyundai had. ive noted so far that each run or race that we get ourselves into have diff scenarios and set ups to offer.

    you’ve really set up the bar, Hyundai!

  30. 2 thumbs up hyundai. yung mga taga natgeo at eventking ganito dapat ang funrun free at talagang fun, unlike sa inyo natgeo puro kita ang prio…tnx agen gyundai

  31. yung banda after the run ang galing party party talaga at mas pinaganda pa ng mga pep squad from different schools sa metro manila. thank you hyundai for safe and enjoyable FREE run. 10 out of 10

  32. the best things in life are free!!!

    Thank you very much hyundai!!!

    i have invited my tennis friends,

    they are first time 10k runners,

    they survived and enjoyed it!!!

    Thank you very much!!! ^_^


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