Active Moments on Hyundai Free Fun Run 2011!


Is everyone ready for the Hyundai FREE Fun Run Tomorrow? Well, here’s another inside scoop to get everyone excited. Don’t you hate NOT knowing where the photographers are in a FUN RUN event? Well here’s a guide on where you can find them!

Active Moments will be on site and capture your most active shot for the event! To make sure you are aware on where they are located and when to wear your biggest smile, here’s a guide on where you can find our photographers!


Active Moments Photographer Locations:
1. Start/Finish Line
2. 5K U-Turn Slot
3. 10K U-Turn Slot
4. CCP Area
5. Event Place

Make sure to stay after your run and let our roaming photographers take a shot of you and your friends! Just look for this ID!


Photos will be uploaded and viewed @


SO are you ready for the BIGGEST FREE RUN!? See you all tomorrow!!


  1. our family will run for a cause & have fun at hyundai run together!!! it’s another family bonding time..thanks hyundai!!!

  2. to the photogs of ACTIVE MOMENTS:

    were you at the NATGEO run yday? coz if not, i missed you guys! as in grabe!

    i ran alone coz my sister who’s my running partner had parish svc. solo flight din when taking pics, and hirap, hehe.

    there were photogs on site but not sure if they were with NATGEO coz i didnt notice official IDs…

    tsk tsk :-(


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