Subic International Marathon 2011 – Race Results

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Congratulations to those who joined and finished the Subic Intentional Marathon 2011 that happened on January 9, 2011. Race Results will be available here for download once it’s released.

View Online Race Results Here:
Subic International Marathon 2011 Online Results

For now please feel free to post your feedback and suggestions about this event here:

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  1. It’s nice running in Subic. Cool morning, gun time is on schedule, and very nice picturesque of Zambales. Although there is no loot bag, it’s fine with me because I really had a nice run this morning.

  2. The Run is nice and I notice that there are some areas where the air is much cooler. Some of us pee on side street behind bushes coz we didnt see any portalets near the starting place, in fact the portas were place inside the oval run and since some of us are not properly oriented kaya nagka ganun na nga. Hmmm this is my 1st Subic Run thou expensive (hotel, food, Toll & Gas)ok lang kasama ko naman ang family ko, enjoy sila with the place & enjoy naman ako with the run. The MEDAL looks like toys pero what the heck its international marathon its fun to run with different races (sana) like Kenyans uli, 1 american, ilocanos, kapangpangans, taga baguio, (no korean or japz runner pero dami nila dung gumagala sa duty free shop na ang price is not far sa SM grocery store), military units saka marami pang ibang kalahi nating kwela that makes the run na nag-umpisa sa tawanan and natapos sa tawanan. Nahihiya tuloy ako kasi I’m one of those who pee not behind bushes but behind the toilet kasi naka lock e so tabi-tabi na lang po.

  3. hhhmmmmm…… all the events in the morning is all good, no bad comments from the participants…. but in the 5k and 3k run ….well…. the top 3 finishers in both events did not recieved their respective medals, but it was stated in the rules and regulations of the raced that the top 3 finishers in both events will recieve cash awards and medals….. and one more, the organizers told us before that they will never accept any late registration after December 29, 2010 and so they instructed us to register before the said date, then we register before that date and have to spent at least 700.00 pesos for our transportation expenses just to repond on the rules of the race…..but, we`re much suprised when we saw that they are accepting late registrants before the race……. and please the next time that you post a race and print a race brochure please include how much are the prizes for each event and put a note that those who will join the shorter races will not recieve t-shirt or singlet…… congratulations for the successful race……..

  4. the race organiser told us when we inquired if we can just bring our tent and camp on the area to save hotel expenses said it is OK, yet in the first few min that we had our tents set up, the police came and told us they had been instructed otherwise, i hope this wont happen again next year as we saw fellow runners who were supposed to camp like us but were dismayed by the lack of area to do so as one of the prominent published organiser stated(Ms. Lisa). another note, the releasing station for the medals was stituated away from the area where the runners exit, Let me just compare it to dubai standard chartered marathons when i participated last 2009: when the runners exit the track he is immediately directed a straight alley recieving one after the other his medal, water, fruits,anergy drink etc. all in a straight line so runners have a more convinient exit,they could have in SIM made the area more efficient as the location was obviously big.

    i also hated the look of the bananas that they were handing outs (cut and discolorated) first: i think its so unhygenic to expose the fruit like so when they could have handed out smaller sized banana’s / cheaper i guess than having the cut,spoiled ones thrown to waste. the dark areas was really dark that they could have adviced runners to bring headlamps as it wasnt really safe a good number had trouble navigating those section.newbies wont notice the flaws but seasoned runners do keep a watchful eye…if you wanna cash in with the sport that I love dearly then put your respect to the runners! run your events and you’ll see what we see. you get a fortune on this so make us feel like its worth our training time next year.

  5. The Good:
    1) Great course – city to forest
    2) Great experience running with cadets/soldiers/policemen. They showed wonderful camaraderie and kept up the pace for most. When they ran abreast they effectively took over the entire lane and made it harder to overtake them, but that was alright.

    The Bad:
    1) The race course started too darn dark. If the race is really meant to start at 5am (I did the 21k) and it is still quite dark, the course should have been well-lit. As it was there were early sections of the racecourse passing through streets with lampposts that were unlit (!). I saw a couple of runners stumbling over the raised center divider reflectors.
    2) Also, the first hill was definitely too dark, and it was a terrible idea to light up that section with petroleum torches that gave off nasty smoke for runners to breathe, and did not provide any sufficient illumination. They could have been a safety risk too if somebody got snagged on one of them. Adequate and correct lighting is crucial for this section as the surface was very rough and stony, making it easy for one to stumble.
    3) About a couple of miles before the turnaround (on the 1-lane road near Triboa), a bus suddenly came onto the road and runners had to avoid it. WTF?
    4) This one is minor but is still kinda irksome: There were water stations every 1.5km, but this was not preannounced so I only learned of it after the race. Except for one sign around 6km or something, the stations were not marked as to either sequence or miles/km along the course. So I ended up having to ask the guys at the stations and the numerous “watchers”, how many km/mi left/passed. No one gave any answer.
    5) Somebody said there were bananas, but I didnt see any at any of the stations. No Gatorade or energy gels either. Sucks.
    6)This one is major. I finished the 21k course, got back to my hotel to change. Around 9am or so I was passing Rizal Highway when I saw 42k runners dodging traffic and breathing in vehicle fumes. the bloody race organizers had opened up the course to vehicle traffic! Amazing. I can’t say more.

    The Ugly:
    1) Finisher medal looks like super cheapo :(

  6. it’s my first marathon…i’ll have my vengeance at Condura!!! i was caught with those uphill!i hate my time.too much drinking water,,,


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