PSE Bull Run 2011 – Race Results and Photos

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Congratulations to those who participated and finished the PSE Bull Run 2011 that happened on January 9, 2011. Race Results and Photo Links will be available here for download and viewing once the organizers released them.

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PSE Bull Run 2011 – Online Race Results

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  1. Here are my observations:
    1. There seemed to be problems with water stations. I ran approx. 10.3K with the remaining 5K quite thirsty, light-headed. I should not have decided against bringing my hydration belt. Water containers had water in them, but plastic/paper cups ran out. Runners had the option of scooping the water with their hands or worse, use used cups.
    2. Baggage area. Had the organizers not considered the number of particapants who registered? The area was so tiny, shared by all categories. Others may not be so lucky as me since i knew where they placed my bag. It’s a mountain in there!!!
    3. At the corner of Buendia and Makati Ave., runners had to be nimble to dodge and not get hit by irate and persistent drivers.
    4. Kalayaan Flyover was not lit, and shattered glass were scattered on the pavement. What had become of barefoot 10K runner?

    The run itself was fun, it’s my 1st 10K in BHS. But the organizers should have considered more the welfare of their runners. Water stations should be right there, with sufficient water supply and all for the runners.

  2. I had a good 16k run. It prepared me well for the 21k event of the condura skyway marathon. I agree with scorpion, the Kalayaan flyover was too dark. I just don’t know what could be done about it next time.

    I wish there were more water stations and were well-manned to cope with the number of runners. There were stations where the runners had to get their own water from the containers because the two people manning it could not cope anymore. I also had to skip the last water and gatorade stations because there were too many runners and the staff were also having difficulties coping.

    But overall it was ok and simple: not much frills. And it was cheap for a 16k run considering that registrations fees are going the way of toll fees and oil prices.

  3. Ran the 10K. Agree with comments above.

    1. Portion of Kalayaan flyover was dark on the first pass.
    2. No distance markers. This is really not expensive and hard to do. Cant understand why it was not done.
    3. Crossing Makati Ave on the way back was a harrowing experience because of the irate motorists.
    4. Water stations can be improved.

    1. Distance as per Garmin is 10.3 which very good na rin considering organizers had to balance out the 4 distances. The 16K was 16.02 daw which is excellent.
    2. I love this Kalayaan Flyover route. Very challenging especially on the way back.

    Over-all ok na rin for the first race of 2011. I give it 4 thumbs up out of five.


  4. ran 10 kilometers… not quite bad at all… water stations are enough for me… race course was very accurate for my training… and! I beat my personal record! :)

  5. Ran 16k today. Not a good experience to start my year:
    -water dehydration: self service, salok your own gatorade, or water stations without plastic cups. I had to drink water in the gripo because I was so dehydrated.
    -kalayaan flyover “kapa sa dilim” – I almost fell because I was not able to see the hole (lubak) in the flyover. also, without the lights in the post, the headlights of approaching vehicles are ‘blinding’ the runners.

  6. I’m a first time runner at 16k division. And it’s my first time to observe an almost half-marathon run. Well, sad to say that the place at kalayaan flyover was hell and going down to makati was a like a ‘patentero’ between cars and motorbikes passing by at the intersection. Also, I hope the organizers had accommodated to lit up the street lights until the break of dawn. I can’t argue anything about the drinking stations because I’m not used to drinking while running. But nonetheless, it was an exhausting but rewarding run for me.

    Kudos to all runners who finished this run! :)

  7. Regarding the kalayaan flyover, the streetlights on that portion have been down for the longest time now. I don’t think the organizers can do anything about that.

    Any pictures yet?

  8. Well I agree with all the comments posted here,

    madilim na daan sa flyover sana kahit emergency light man lang kahit konting lights.

    Ang pinaka worst dun sa corner of Makati ave and Buendia, may pinukpok pako isang sasakyan dahil sa galit ko dahil sa pag harang sa dadaanan ko.

    ang masabi ko lang sa manning ng traffic sa intersection dapat kasi pag maluwag na pwede nila padaanin ang sasakyan kahit 1 or 2 para di naiipon, ang nangyari kasi full stop ang sasakyan kung ako yung driver natural magagalit din or sana para maiwasan 1 week before pang may traffic advisory na like na join ko sa “grand fiesta run” na join ko last time it was well organized:)

  9. Since its a Sunday at maaga pa naman pwede naman siguro gawan ng alternate routes ang mga vehicles hindi na sana magpadaan sa mga dadaanan ng runners, nakakainis papatigilin ka e nakakawala ng momentum yun at lalong nakakapagod. Water Stations ang liliit at nilalagay palang sa cup habang anjan na ang bulk ng runners buti nlang i have my hydration belt so I dont need to stop. Overall poorly organized race.Based on my experience only Runrio Events are properly organized.

  10. pasang awa for me
    …nabigla ako sa countdown nung start ng 10K run :)

    …sana nilagyan na lang nila distance yung mga markers na nilagay nila.

    i skipped the last water station kasi the runner before me drank directly from the spout :)

    is it true na 10.3 yung total distance nung 10K run?

  11. congrats to all runners and to the organizers.. two thumbs up. yun na ba lahat ng pics? i think kulang pa kasi daming kong shot pero isa pa lang nakita kong pic ko.. hehehe.. paging ..

  12. Agreed on the problem of running the flyover in the dark with oncoming lights: one pothole = twisted ankle = not runner friendly.
    I was one of the faster runners in the 16km which meant that after the 5km turnaround drink, I was not going to dare to run into the main 10km pack for a drink on my return to the flyover = no drink for almost 4km = not runner friendly.
    My kit said the start was at 5:45 – why did the 16km bell ring at 5:35? Runners like to prep and stretch properly before the start. PSE needs to be runner friendly.
    My Garmin was 16.0 km exact – given the distance usually lost jockeying around runners and less than perfect corners, I can confess that my time was not really for 16km.
    Did anyone else notice that the Gatorade at one station was badly watered down?

  13. Yes the 16k race started early kaya na late ako ng 5 mins.
    @David yes there was one water station na wala na talagang lasa ang gatorade.

  14. >> …nabigla ako sa countdown nung start ng 10K run

    kakagulat nga yong start ng 10k, ang daming nasagi ng tali, isa na ako doon, dahil doon di ko pa na-start yong topwatch ko, na-start ko na lang while running na.

  15. I agree that the light at the Kalayaan Fly over was a dark spot (pun intended) in the race. Mahina pa naman vision ko. My first time to run that route (first ko sa 16k din). But it was indeed unsafe. Kanino ba responsibility pag-iilaw nun? National or local government unit? If this is going to be a recurring thing, let’s bombard all future organizers to ensure that they check out with authorities to lit that part of the route. Let’s do what we can for the next runs.

    Whether 16.02k or 16.7k, i really can’t be that picky. The run says 16k, and so it is 16k. But I agree that the “bell” ring should have started on time, too. Dati, complain natin, late. Ngayon naman. sobra aga :D Hayyyyy….

    I commiserate with those who did not get proper hydration. Lesson learned? Plan for the worse. Bring your own next time. Hassle, pero at least that’s one less worry to think about.

    No distance marker. That is important. I have run 4 (including this one) at BGC pero naiiba rin route. Important to know when to do that final push to the finish line.

    Sa tingin ko wala naman nawala, unlike ING :)

    @ BC Mafia Athletes/Red : I agree w you on the traffic control. Dapat talaga me advance notification sa mga motorist. I think I would understand, driver din naman ako, if I am given advance notice so I can plan my drive route should I hit the run route that day.

    So, the take away from all these is to ensure that future run organizers will be informed of our gripes. Let’s do this ahead of time and not after the fact. They have websites where we can post suggestions. If we want a hassle free run, let’s help them succeed.

  16. It was a good run… fun but the most disorganized run i’ve ever been to. everything’s been said already… i couldn’t agree more.

  17. super tinipid… kulang sa tubig, kulang sa marshalls, no distantance marker at all…. few photographers, and lahat pa nasa finish line na. you can’t help but compare sa ibang runs. ganda sana ng race route.

  18. CONs!
    1. I can not believe water stations are going to be a mejor problem for PSE. How horrible was the hydration! SALOK SYSTEM kasi walang mga staff who prepares them. And to add insult, yung GATORADE dilluted sa white plastic drums and water containers??? OH MY GOSHH! germs germs and germs! I can not blame the runners who made salok. Survival is the key!

    2. May brown-out sa Kalayaan Fly over! Madilim po ang side ng mga runners! wala pong ilaw!!!! Kapaan system haha!

    3. Traffic at Buendia cor Makati was cramped! Manned but disorganized! Very dangerous to the runners~!

    4. 16K is not exact distance ng ruta.

    5. Very poor sponsorship!!! Mahina marketing skills ng organizer!

    6. Imaginin nyo, ang stage nila wala rin ilaw!!!! hahahaha! sino ba ang magaling na organizer ng run na ito???? Akala cguro maliwanag na ang 5AM sa venue.

    7. The last ditch coming frm McKinley hills, kanya kanya na ang mga runners. Wala na mga marshalls. traffic doon. traffic dito.

    8. Nakakatawang run to start the year!


    1. May opening prayer
    2. May pambansang awit
    3. May shower ang NWASA! YUN LANG!!!

  19. @Jerome Allan Tan. Malayo Bro, sakay ka ng Pa-Ortigas then sakay ka ng G-Liner na PaQuiapo. Ganito ang ginagawa ko. Nagbabudget ako ng P300 tuwing may race event. Tapos nagpapamasahe ako sa labas ng Swedish Massage, may mga SPA centers na mababa na ang rates. Sa Quiapo lang after ng hilot, bili ka na ng DVD sa kabilang kalsada, dami doon. Para sa gabi, panood-nood ka na lang.

  20. yes john…i agree with you. just think about the health benefits and the priceless bonding moments with your family, relatives and friends, or for that matter, in my case, my wife! just run, be healthy and be safe!

  21. i learned from experience before:)


    para maiwasan sobra uhaw sa mga running events, bring beltbag at may maliit na mineral water bottle tapos kalahati lang dapat ang laman ng water para d sobrang bigat, at least just in case no water station pero meron kang water na dala,at d naman hassle ang beltbag depende lang sa anong klaseng belt bag:)

  22. hehe very disappointing..
    nkakadehydrate tlga !! kulang sa water station.. sna may psabe n gnun pra nagdala ng hydration belt :D , wala pa papers cups..

  23. my first time to scoop gatorade in a water jar, sosyal version of balde ha ha ha!!!!! Anyway, i didn’t mind at all coz i saw my special someone after a long time;)


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