Nike Run Manila 2010 – Race Results and Photos

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Congratulations to those who joined and participated in the Nike Run Manila 2010. Race Results and Photo Links will be available here soon when the organizers released them!

Download Race Results Here:
[download id=”377″]

Note: The race was organized by RunRio. For any concerns regarding the race results, please email [email protected]. Any changes or corrections to the race results will be implemented as soon as the race organizers are able to finish compiling the data.

For now please feel free to post feedback and comments about the event here.

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  1. nice run kaso yung photographer wala kwenta di sya professional…huwag sya mamili tae ka boy…sayang camera mo puro ka lang kayabangan!!!

  2. hehehehe…. meron kaya nag-photograph ng event na ito?? I saw some peeps with cams pero pinipili naman nila who to shoot, i thought personal photographers sila nung runners who joined. (e, baka nga)

  3. i saw only one photographer but not sure if he is the official one. while running i noticed him several meters away from him and when almost near to him he missed my perfect pose maybe he was shooting favotites….


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