St. Peter Life Run 2010 – Race Results and Photos

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Congratulations to those who joined and finished the St. Peter Life Run that happened on October 24, 2010. Race Results are now available for Download!

St. Peter Life Run Results:
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For now please feel free to discuss and comment about the results of the race here

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  1. kudos to the organizers and the people of st peter life plan! heard that it was a no-frills fun run, quite organized and lots of hydration (which was a major major problem of kotr). it was also nice to know that this run was able to donate P550k to Bantay Bata

  2. there is only just 1 cons on this race, it was that there’s no first aid station.. anyway, nice run pa rin since i finished and survived.. congrats to the organizer..

  3. hindi pb kau satisfied sa run na to? for your P50.00 only? kulang pa ba yun tubig at singlet na kasama sa race? Its a great run indeed!!! hanap kau ng katulad nito kung meron pb. lol…para sa umaangal jan…

  4. the cheapest and most organized run na nasalihan ko.. plus may mga freebies pa sila after ng run sa worth 50 petot na binayad ko.. MABUHAY kayo!

  5. have you guys read the reviews about KOTR? it turned out na mas masaya pa un St.Peters Run! they had shortage sa water stations, no lootbag, messed up route, long lines sa baggage counter, and the buffet became packed hotdog and pandesal!and many more! most of them were dissapointed para sa php850. bottom line, St.Peter Run Rocks! lol!

  6. Impressed naman ako sa event, able to beat my PR pa nga eh hehehe. Sa mga negative comments, di tlg kayo runner kasi hanap ninyo eh kumpletos rekados. Cheapest reg fee, organized naman. Sana hinintay ninyo na lang ang Leg 3 para wala na kayong komento. Peace.

  7. bka ang gusto nila tumakbo ng malayo at kumain ng sandamakmak pagkatapos ng race.. :D whats the use of running?di kumain nalang kyo s saisaki eat ol u can na hahaha pakitignan nyo kung magkano reg price ng singlet nyo puro kyo reklamo wag n kyo tumakbo

  8. it’s really hard to compare KOTR with St.Peter Life Run…

    maybe the prestige in joining KOTR is something that should be consider. that’s just my opinion. hopefully next year, i’ll be able to join St.Peter Life Run (if there is one next year)

  9. in every race, whether its free or not, safety of the runners must be the first priority.. kung runner ka nga alam mo to.. hindi ko naman sinabing panget ung race..

  10. There were actually two ambulances in the event area. One from Frontera Verde, and one from the event organizer. About 30 people availed of the medical services of the ambulances on stand by –BP check, mostly from the Pasig traffic officers who probably got tired after guiding us well. No runner was reported hurt. But many were seen with big smiles as they cross the finish line. There you go. Safety was included in the plan


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