The FS Fun Run (The Fort Striders club) 2010 – Race Results

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Congratulations to those who joined the FS Fun Run 2010. You can download the race results here.

Download the Race Results Here:
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  1. hopefully future races will follow what the organizers of FS run did yesterday. despite there was no RFID or D-tag, they managed to release the results in less than 24 hrs after the event.

    lastly, the cost of registration of this race is only P300. serving notice to the high cost of registration of other races na palpak from registration to race day.

    kudos to the fort striders club.

  2. @edison, according to some garmin users the 16k distance was accurate. there was only an excess of a few meters

    @rotech, we are also looking forward to the 21k medals. good luck on your run

    @t-mark, i agree. this is probably the fastest or one of the fastest race results delivery i’ve known. i just feel that the time recorded is off by at least 20-30 seconds. nevertheless, kudos to mlb road race specialist

  3. even the finish time they specified for me is close to what I have in my Timex timer. This despite them not having any timing devices!

    One of the best organized and best valued race I ran this year. I will definitely run again an FS race in the future.

    my only negative comment is that I do not think that that was a 16k run… it has to be at least 17k.

  4. except for the confusing 5k/10k gun start, it’s one of the best race I participated so far…nice one MLB..sana you invite guys from photovendo para may online pics -:)

  5. Wow! Race results in 24 hours.That’s great! Overall a good race. Though there’s this one boo-boo: my friend registered for a 16k early on, she was given a red bib, only to find out on race day that it’s for the 10k. How disappointing. Maybe next time, distances should be written on the BIB to avoid confusion. Luckily, my friend prepared for a 16k run and ended up breaking her PR for the 10k. =)

  6. Race was well-organized BUT THERE WAS A MISTAKE IN THE RESULTS PUBLISHED. My bib no. was 2132. In the results, my name corresponds to the number 2131. This spelled a big difference in my standing which was supposedly 69th out of 455 runners in the 10k to 375th (due to the mistake). How may this be remedied?

  7. hindi kailangan mahal ang race para lagyan ng kung ano-ano. dapat tama lang presyo at mabilis labas ng result. ganyan mga patakbo ng MLB.di man perpekto, maayos naman kumpara sa mga mahal maningil, andami pang pahirap mula registration hanggang pagkuha ng singlet, hanggang race day.Congrats to MLB and to all finishers!

  8. Maganda un race nun linggo! lahat kmi sa groupo namin nag enjoy! Mura na magaling pa! sana marami pa mga race n gn2! php300 para sa 16k saan ka pa! actually 17.5k pero who's counting! looking forward s Running Festival 21K sa Oct. 17! who needs KOTR ang mahal!!! 9/10 rating ng race para sa akin!

  9. a race that delivers great value for your money. from the quality singlet, efficient registration & race execution to early release of results, i commend the organizers of this race. i hope we have more races like this in the future.

    they certainly have proven the point that running races don't have to be expensive to please us runners.

    kudos to the organizers and congrats to all finishers!

  10. i forgot to mention that there were cheaters on this race. i saw several. they've cut some corners and some did not go into burgos circle. other runners who attests that they were sharing plastic loops. 16k is 16k. if you cannot do it, there are other shorter distances

    my running buddies endured the whole route and managed to finish it in more than 2 hours. doesn't matter if they've set/break their PR what is important that they've honestly covered the whole distance. whatever reasons you may have, cheating is still cheating

    at ang nakakahiya pa eh suot-suot pa nila ung company singlet nila. paano na lang ung ibang kasamahan nyo na hindi nan-daya?

    you guys know who you are. i am not here to start any word war. this is just a friendly reminder. nakikita ung mga ginagawa ninyo. pati ba naman sa ganitong larangan eh nagkaka-dayaan pa. hindi na ba pwede pagkatiwalaan ang mga Pilipino? how can we be great leaders, kung sa maliit na bagay lang eh kelangan lumamang tayo sa iba

    sorry boss PF for ranting. you may un-publish my comment as you see fit. thanks

  11. Thanks to mlb and Fortrstriders for very nice race.

    To Christine you can call mlb 8961954 to clarify. Staff of mlb will surely fixed that.

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