PBA Run for a Cause 2010 – Race Results

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Congratulations to all you joined and participated in the PBA Run for a Cause that happened on July 31, 2010 in MOA. Race Results are now available for download.

Download Race Results Here:
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For now, please feel free to post comments/feedback and suggestions about this event.


  1. The PBA Run for a Cause 2010 that was held last July 31st was not well-organized. To begin, the “Finisher’s shirt” booth was situated so close to the starting line, so the queue blocked the runners. They changed the route. For 10K, there were 3 U-turns and one has to pass twice the route enclosed by those turning points. However there were no ribbons/any marker given to indicate that you’ve reached some points. Watchers would not be able to tell if a person has already done 2 loops.The finish line was at the back of the starting line, disregarding the purpose of the finish marker. T-shirts were not available to everyone after the run. Though we were made to write on a piece of paper our details and they will contact us as soon as it the shirts are ready. But anyhow, The whole activity was still fun.

  2. race results please… medyo matagal na. i joined the race because Powerade si always a good hydration partner.

  3. It has been a week (7 days!!!) already since the PBA RUN FOR A CAUSE 2010. Until now, No race results can be found. It really depends on the run organizers. REXONA RUN released their results 2 days after the run.

  4. Di sumali ang grupo namin dito kasi feeling namin wala talaga ito sa ayos. Sa akin naman (personal opinion), bakit di gamitin ng PBA ang ticket sales nila, e ang lakas kumita ng mga yan.Mga player pa niyan ang lalaki ng sweldo, bakit hindi sila ang magbigay para sa cause nila. Maganda ang cause pero sana simulan muna nilang mag-donate nang malaki. Mga basketball players din dapat nasa basketball court o gym, sa runners na lang ang kalsada. Lahat ng takbo na sinalihan namin may cause, ito lang ang di kami sumali.

  5. i agree with you ms. bea…
    first run ko wala pa name ko…
    ako yata yung isa sa unknown finisher…
    race organizer pahanap naman bib no.948…
    paayos naman…

  6. Yup. It was unorganized compared to other fun runs. Here’s what I noticed.

    1.Chris Sports MOA gave the wrong bib number for 3km runners. Sa mismong event na lang pinalitan yung race bib which explains the “unknown finishers”.

    2.The distribution of shirts/singlet on the same day of the event was a disaster.

    3.A lot of 3k runners unintentionally followed the route of 5k runners. Why? The marshals doesn’t know which route to go. Trust me, I asked that marshal in front of the big globe of moa and he just laughed asking the same question “san nga ba?”

    PBA should change the organizers next time. Or at least they should improve. This is PBA for cryin out loud. An institution. Ang ganda pa naman ng cause nila. And it would have attracted more runners kung maganda yung promotional ads. It was fun running with a few PBA players though. And the medal is cool.

  7. i also agree with ms bea. palpak results. i ran with an office buddy. di hamak na malayo ang una nya sa akin, but sa result, mas mataas pa ang ranking ko sa kanya.

    btw, isa rin ako sa mga unknown finishers. kainis. first run ko, unknown… haayyy…

  8. i agree with you guys. we are a group of ten and all of us was unknown finisher though we had our own race bib. through my experience, i noticed na pag maliit ang budget hindi maayos at late na mag gun start, kawawa ang runners. the success of the run lies to the organizers. sino kaya organizer nito?


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