Epic Relay 250 by Chris Sports – June 12-13, 2010

chris sports epic relay 250 2010


Outrun. Outpace. Outlast. 10 teams and 2 Vans to run 250 kilometers non-stop on June 12-13, 2010. Registration is now open!

Epic Relay 250 2010 by Chris Sports
June 12-13, 2010, 6AM
Starts @ Subic Bay

What is This?

It’s a 40 hours running party with friends where sleeping is a luxury. All you need is You, 9 of your friends and the desire to run through the most beautiful countryside in North Luzon, sample local foods, and a passion for adventure.

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The Epic Relay is a 250 kilometer, 10-member team run through some of the most beautiful scenery and historical landmarks of North Luzon. Beginning in Subic Bay to the small communities of Zambales to the hilly terrain of historical Bataan (death march) highway to the breathtaking uphill climb of Mt. Samat and back. Non-stop running day and night – relay style.

Experience an Epic Relay!

· 10 teammates
· Subic base to Zambales towns to Bataan Mt. Samat, 250 km in total, more or less…
· Two days and one night in a van… with intermittent bursts of running
· World War 2 landmarks, gorgeous countryside and a fantastic coastline, the monuments of Mt. Samat and a great new finish line!
· More fun and memories than you can imagine!

How it works

You and 9 of your friends will run day and night relay style. During the relay, each team member runs three legs, each leg ranging between 4 – 12 km and varying in difficulty. Both elite runners and novice joggers are welcome.

Teams are responsible to provide 2 of their own support vehicles which will be designated as the official vehicles. Each team consists of 5 runners per vehicle or 5 runners (ultra runners) and one vehicle. Teams will drop their runners off at Exchange Points, then drive the remainder of the team to the next Exchange Point to wait for the runner. The next runner in line then takes the “baton” and continues running. The recently finished runner then gets into the vehicle with the rest of the team and drives to the next Exchange Point. Teams are encouraged to cheer, support, and whip their runners to the exchange point. This pattern continues until 5 of the runners in this vehicle finish their legs and hands off the baton to your teammates in vehicle 2 to continue the race.


The Epic Relay is an adventure race in that teams are running continuously through the night to reach the finish. Many find the highlight of their experience to be their run in the middle of the night under the stars or full moon. But as it is an adventure race with a 250km route, teams must accept some responsibilities:

· Teams are self supporting – teams are responsible to stocking their vans with their own water, food, first aid supplies, etc.
· While directional arrows are placed on the course, the responsibility of knowing and following the prescribed course rests with each participant. Please always print, study and understand the leg maps in the Race Bible (available for print soon).
· Hazards are not marked – runners should proceed with caution
· As the route is rural and isolated, medical attention could take a while. Cell phone coverage is spotty, so if the injury is serious enough, it may be better to transport the injured person to the closest medical facility (locations and maps in the Race bible)
· The route is not closed to traffic – runners are running on the side of the road. Therefore, appropriate rules (for safety and for consideration to the people who live there) apply. These rules are similar to USA Triathlon sanctioned events as their races are usually on open courses. Failure to follow these rules will result in the entire team being disqualified:
· No headsets, radio and/or headphones/ MP3 Players are allowed
· Use the portable toilets that are available at the exchanges to relieve yourself. You will be disqualified if you are seen relieving yourself on the ground.
· No littering – trash receptacles will be available at each exchange

For more information visit the official website @ https://site.epicrelay.info/ or Email: Eric Imperio – [email protected]


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