Greenfield Sunset Run 2010 – Updated Assembly and Gun Start Time

Greenfield Sunset Run 2010


Please be advised that there is a slight change in the Assembly Time and Gun Start Time for the upcoming Greenfield Sunset Run 2010 happening in Sta. Rosa Laguna on April 24, 2010.

Race Category / Assembly Time / Gun Start
Kids – 500m Dash / 5:50pm / 6:20pm
3K / 5:35pm / 6:05pm
5K / 5:25pm / 5:55pm
10K / 5:10pm / 5:40pm
21K / 5:00pm / 5:30pm

Here’s also a guide map on how to go to Greenfield City, Sta. Rosa

Greenfield City Map

For more information about this event visit:



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